‘Shazam 2’ Release Date Revealed

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Warner Bros. and DC have been building anticipation for their upcoming projects. Wonder Woman 1984 may have been their showstopper at Brazil’s CCXP, but sources are now announcing the release date for a sequel to Shazam!


Fans can expect to see this hero fly back into theatres on April 1, 2022. This is a bit of a wait, but there’s plenty of DC material in the meantime. Next year, we’ll get the aforementioned Wonder Woman sequel and Birds of Prey. And 2021 will give us both The Batman (Vengeance?) and Black Adam.

The first Shazam! was a great example of focusing on the story at hand instead of world-building. However, with Black Adam serving as the character’s regular foe, it’s certainly possible that the Dwayne Johnson-led film could now tie in.


Levi suggested earlier this year that it would be wise to start production on a sequel early, given the young age of his costars. As seen in It: Chapter Two, two years can make all the difference in a young teenager’s appearance. The digital “de-ageing” on Finn Wolfhard was particularly noticeable in that case.

This point also raises the question: how long can Shazam stick around if the DCEU lasts much longer? It may be reasonable that Billy Batson keeps up the heroics through high school, but once Asher Angel is in his twenties, he may just be able to play Shazam himself.

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Regardless of these concerns, we’ve got at least one more adventure with this hero and that’s something to celebrate. Also in 2022, we can look forward to Ezra Miller’s standalone Flash movie. Time will tell whether he and the other Justice League members cross paths with Shazam.

How do you think further Shazam! sequels could continue? Is there a way to work around the ageing actors? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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