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Shazam 2 Star Lucy Liu Regrets Not Debuting in $32.4B Superhero Industry Sooner: “My career would’ve been easier”

Shazam 2 Star Lucy Liu Regrets Not Debuting in $32.4B Superhero Industry Sooner: “My career would’ve been easier”

Lucy Liu, popularly known for her roles in Shanghai Noon (2000) and Kill Bill (2003), confesses that her life would have been easier if superhero roles were available when she was just starting her career. The actress is widely known for her fierce and badass roles, and a superhero character would absolutely suit her.

Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu

Liu started her career in the 1990s, starring in the television series Ally McBeal as Ling Woo. She achieved worldwide fame when she graced the big screen with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels.

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Lucy Liu Claims Her Career Would Have Thrived Earlier If She Starred In Superhero Movies

Speaking with The Cut, Lucy Liu responded to the question if she ever thought she would star in a superhero role in her 50s versus in her 20s.

If it had happened earlier, it would have been miraculous. It would have been a different story; my career would have been easier. There would have been more opportunity.”

Liu also confessed that her character Alex Munday in Charlie’s Angels was the closest to the superhero genre, although she did not know that going in. The actress revealed that the role was part of the composition regardless if the film emerges successful or not.

Lucy Liu Charlie's Angels
Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Talking about her iconic character in Charlie’s Angels, Liu admitted that it was important to keep its name:

For me, it was important to keep that character’s name but be able to embody it my way with my history and my culture, which is a mixed culture. I think the main point was that in order to shatter the ceiling, you needed to do things that were conventionally significant.”

When asked about the public’s view of her, Liu responded:

That’s okay. I put out the work. Not everyone’s going to like it. I’m sure there are tons of people who don’t like my work or my career or me. I’m not here to change somebody’s mind.”

Her lengthy career in show business has often seen her boxed in the typical Asian stereotype role, but despite the fix, Liu loves portraying strong, independent women roles.

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Lucy Liu Discusses Her Villainous Role In Shazam 2

Lucy Liu Shazam 2
Lucy Liu in Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023)

Lucy Liu stars as one of the daughters of Atlas in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, alongside Rachel Zegler and Helen Mirren. Their characters serve as the main antagonists in the movie. In an interview with New York Times, Liu shared what drew her to take a superhero role:

To have that experience with one another — outside of working on the blue screen and not really knowing exactly what was going on — was really special. I don’t immediately think about the characters as much as the relationship that was built from that time.”

Discussing her wicked goddess role, Liu shared that she finds “delight in having a mission” and that she was born to portray this kind of characterization. The Shazam star also said that cinema does not always portray villains as born evil, but as someone who does something in order to survive.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is now showing in theaters worldwide.

Source: The Cut, New York Times

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