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Shazam 2 Star Rachel Zegler Slams Critics for “Unnecessary, Insensitive” Negative Reviews: “Seems like it’s cool to hate fun these days”

shazam 2 star rachel zegler

Adding to the growing resentment toward DCU movies, Shazam! Fury of the Gods is facing a ton of criticism from the fans. Compared to the 90% Rotten Tomatoes score of the first film, the sequel starring Zachary Levi and Rachel Zegler has a measly 53% to its name. The Hollywood Reporter even compared the film to children who grow up to be not as cute as they were before.

Cast of Shazam 2
Shazam 2

Is the sequel really that bad? Well, Rachel Zegler would beg to differ. While there are a bunch of positive reviews for the sequel, a lot of them are not. Fans of the DC Studios might have gotten carried away with the hate this time that they pushed Rachel Zegler to address it. Taking to her Twitter, Rachel Zegler defends Shazam! Fury of the Gods as she calls out the trolls for being senselessly mean.

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Rachel Zegler Calls Out Shazam 2 Haters

Rachel Zegler
Rachel Zegler

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The critics’ score and the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes do not match with the latter being much higher than the former. Despite this, Shazam 2 has been gaining a ton of hateful comments from fans of the DCU. Owing to this, Rachel Zegler, who plays the 6,000-year-old Goddess Anthea in the film, took to Twitter to call the haters out. She stated that people are being senselessly and unnecessarily mean toward the film. She added that while handling the heat is part of the job, Shazam 2 is actually a good film and that people just think it’s “cool” to hate things nowadays.

It looks like the die-hard and loyal fans of the DCU have got Zegler’s back as they hype her up for speaking against the hate. Fans on Twitter stated that the Shazam sequel was a pretty fun and entertaining watch and absolutely does not deserve the hate surrounding it.

As for its opening day, Shazam 2 made a total of $11.7 million, including the $3.4 million in Thursday previews. The film might be looking to make around $30 million in its opening weekend which is $5 million less than the expected value. Its predecessor made a total of $53.5 million in its debut. While Shazam grossed $366 million in its entire run, do you think the sequel can reach the number?

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Why Rachel Zegler Joined Shazam 2

Rachel Zegler in Shazam 2
Rachel Zegler in Shazam 2

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter why Zegler decided to become a part of Shazam 2, she replied stating that she needed a job. She continued that since it was the pandemic and her film West Side Story hadn’t been released yet, she was finding it difficult in booking a role.

“I mean, a lot of people keep asking me…[but] the reality was we were in the middle of a pandemic and I was not working and couldn’t get a job for the life of me because West Side Story hadn’t come out yet. It was really hard to book work for me.”

Even if the sole purpose of her becoming Anthea was that she needed a job, she sure is grateful that she got the role and was “Really excited” as she loved the first film.

“The fact that they even wanted me to come in for a callback and then a [chemistry] read, and then everything in between – I am so lucky that I got this job.”

It has only been days since Shazam 2 has been in the theatres. And even if the opening wasn’t as great as expected, can the sequel turn things around for itself?

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is currently playing in theatres.

Source: Twitter | Rachel Zegler

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