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Shazam! Sequel Starts Filming Really Soon

Shazam! fans should be hyped as according to Asher Angel who portrays the young version of Billy Batson the sequel starts filming very soon!

The DC movie came into our theaters early April of 2019 and with its release, people were amazed on how much charm and heart this movie had. Fans of the DCEU or superhero movies in general fell in love with the characters of Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman so much so that they knew there should be a sequel. 

Fear not Shazam! fans Asher Angel said in his interview with ET live that filming for Shazam 2! starts very soon. Angel told ET, “ I think we start filming really soon, so I’m super excited, I don’t know [what happens] — I haven’t read the script yet.”  

The exact details of the sequel are unclear as of this moment but many suspect that the sequel will feature the Shazam family more prominently as they were introduced in the last movie’s third act.

The director of the movie David F. Sandberg also mentioned the Shazam family in his interview with Backstory Magazine. He said, “It feels like we could do more with the Shazam family. We just introduced them, but you could explore how they work as a family of heroes.” 

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Of course, no superhero movie is without a villain and the first movie gave us a hint on who it would be with the mid-credit scene of Mr. Mind. This is, of course, a hint that the caterpillar could be the villain for the sequel.

Furthermore, fans speculate that the Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson could tie into the Shazam! sequel but there has been no official confirmation yet. As of right now, fans will just have to wait and hope that the seque will be as good as the first one if not better.

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