“She can’t get past the betrayal”: Natalie Portman Is Having Second Thoughts, Might Give Her Cheater Husband Another Chance to Save Their Marriage

Natalie Portman Is Having Second Thoughts, Might Give Her Cheater Husband Another Chance to Save Their Marriage
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One of the most phenomenal actresses of the 21st century to ever step in front of the camera, Natalie Portman has definitely left her mark in cinema history. The actress has worked in more than 50 films in less than three decades, and her exceptional talent was honored when she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Portman has hardly ever lost the fame that came with her being the exuberant breakout star that was deemed in the early 90s and 2000s.

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

While Natalie Portman has a phenomenally successful career, her private life is a mess, as her husband Benjamin Millepied cheated on her. However, instead of splitting ways with her cheating husband, she is having second thoughts about divorcing Millepied, ending her 14-year-long relationship.

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Natalie Portman Reconsiders Her Divorce With Benjamin Millepied

Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman met in 2009 on the set of Black Swan, the film changed her life as not only she won an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in that film but also found her future husband. Millepied played the role of David/The Prince in the film. The two dated for almost four years before tying the knot in 2012, but it looks like the couple is deciding to divorce, as her spouse was caught having an affair with another woman.

Natalie Portman in Black Swan
Natalie Portman in Black Swan

The news of Benjamin Millepied cheating on the No Strings Attached actress spread like wildfire. Portman was paralyzed with shock when she learned about her spouse’s perfidy back in June 2023, but she is refraining from making a hasty decision as she is thinking about the future of her two children.

While the actress has not given a public statement, an insider has come forward providing some insight of the situation, and how she is “having second thoughts.”


“She was in shock when this all came out. It blindsided her and she didn’t want to make any rash decisions but she’s now having second thoughts. She doesn’t want to turn her kids’ world upside down.”

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied
Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

The insider continued that even after her husband’s betrayal she loves him, and it is “very hard” for Portman “to imagine life without Benjamin.” Adding, that “She loves Benjamin,” and to part ways with the man she loved was not an easy one for the time being, because she could not get past the betrayal.

“So when he made all sorts of promises she agreed to try. It’s starting to look like she can’t get past the betrayal. She hasn’t come out and said she’s leaving him.”

Things are not looking great and assessing the seriousness of the situation, it seems quite impossible to mend things back and salvage their relationship like before.

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Natalie Portman Joins Benjamin Millepied During The Women’s WC Final

Even though there have been rumors that the couple is going to split, they were spotted together at the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, with their 12-year-old son Aleph. However, Portman was looking somber, as she watched the final between England and Spain alongside her husband, Benjamin Millepied.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied with her son spotted at FIFA Women's WC Final
Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied with her son spotted at FIFA Women’s WC Final

Although she looked gloomy, she made sure that her son remains in the dark about the circumstances of her parents, she hugged him and tried to enjoy the match. However, the actress left the venue with her son at halftime, leaving her cheating husband alone to witness an intense match, where Olga Carmona scored the only goal of the game, helping Spain to win their first Women’s World Cup.

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