‘She Copies Everything She Sees’: MS Marvel Producer on Kamala Khan Powers

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This week, Kevin Feige announced that Disney+’s upcoming Ms. Marvel series is making a few changes to Kamala Khan’s power set.

Ms Marvel Kamla Khan's powers
Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan’s powers

Feige also hints that the origin of Kamala’s abilities will be explored in other future MCU stories. Even, the producer and writer Bisha K. Ali discussed with USA Today and talked about what is planned for Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan.

“It is indicative of a hopeful future where it’s about togetherness rather than division. She’s going to play a big part in that.”

MS. Marvel’s Big Future Teased by Producer

Ms Marvel MCU powers
Ms. Marvel’s MCU powers

Vellani also revealed how Kamala adjusts to becoming a superhero. She says her character “just copies everything that she sees online.”


“She doesn’t know how to fight, so she just copies everything that she sees online.”

Feige also hints that the origin of Kamala’s abilities will be explored in other future MCU stories. Amanat said:

“Obviously, so much of the show is an adaptation. And we thought it was important to make sure that her powers are linked to larger stories in the Marvel universe. We wanted to make sure there is a little bit more story to tell after this series. She goes into The Marvels. The powers do look different, which is very controversial. I know people are like, ‘How dare you change the powers!’ I know people are upset about it, but as someone who’s probably one of the closest people to this character from the inception, and having spoken to Willow about this as well, I think Willow and I have always felt that this made sense. This was the right move because there are bigger stories to tell.”

Ms Marvel powers changing
Ms. Marvel’s powers changing

Amanat also assured viewers that the series will handle her powers to stay true to the significance of what made them stand out on the page.

“It’s really fun to give Kamala different kinds of powers that feel big in scope and cinematic in a different way,” continued Amanat. “We can do a lot of fun things with her. I don’t want to spoil too much about how she uses her powers, but they’re fun and bouncy. At the same point, the essence of what the powers are in the comics is there, both from a metaphorical standpoint and from a visual standpoint. We’re doing the embiggened fist. We’re doing the elements that make her feel and look kind of crazy, but also really cool. I think it’s going to be familiar to people, but at the same time, different freshly and uniquely.”

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