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“She curses very, very naturally”: The Last of Us Lead Pedro Pascal Impressed With Co-Star Bella Ramsey’s Off-Screen Swearing Ahead of Series Premiere

“She curses very, very naturally”: The Last of Us Lead Pedro Pascal Impressed With Co-Star Bella Ramsey’s Off-Screen Swearing Ahead of Series Premiere

The cast of The Last of Us has been doing the rounds, promoting their show set to premiere on 15 January 2023 on HBO. The creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, have been hyping up the show and their cast is studded with some of the industry’s finest. The central characters will be played by Bella Ramsey (Ellie) and Pedro Pascal(Joel).

The Last of Us, is being made into a series by the creators to reach a wider audience. The show will include some new elements and changes but the extent of changes we will get to see is uncertain as of now. The creators have confirmed in a lot of interviews that they wish to end the show at the right time, however, they are hoping they get more than one season to tell the full story.

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Pedro Pascal agrees that Bella Ramsey swears very naturally off-camera.

Bella Ramsey
Bella Ramsey

In a roundtable conference, The Game of Thrones actor said that a major reason why he relates to Ellie is her “profane vocabulary”. The young actress confirmed saying “A great portion of my relatability to Ellie has to do with her love of puns and her love of cursing,” Bella Ramsey admitted, “Ellie taught me to curse and taught me how to do it well.” Pascal agreed, stating, “Bella curses very, very naturally off camera.”

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The Last Of Us

The creators revealed that they held 100 of auditions to find someone who is “funny, tough, violent and protective of herself, make us believe that she’s going to have this connection with Joel(Pedro Pascal).” Among the people who auditioned for this role are Maise Williams who played Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones, and The Booksmart star Katlyin Denver. However, by the time the series came to fruition Both Williams and Denver were around 25 and 26 respectively, and they no longer fit the part.

The unique combination was finally spotted by them in Bella Ramsey, who the creators said was natural. She did not feel like Ramsey on camera, it was Ellie. The actor first appeared on Game Of Thrones as Lyanna Mormont.

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Mazin said he does not want the Last Of Us to make the same mistake as Game of Thrones.

Ellie and Joel

Game of Thrones and Last of Us have something in common other than the fact that they are produced by HBO, they both have a HUGE budget. The first nine episodes of the season cost 10 million, it is projected to exceed GOT budget.

The creators also highlighted important tactics, saying “take out all the violence except for the very essential”, this is said to be done so that the infection can be scarier. It is also because the gory violence sometimes becomes overbearing. Both Druckmann and Mazin threw light on the challenges of creating this adaptation, and the fact that they want to keep the season finite.

The show is great news for all fans of the game and an opportunity for those who never played the game, to witness a world full of incredible storylines, arcs, heartbreaks, and terrific ingenuity.

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