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“She does whatever she can to retaliate”: Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Fires Employees For Looking at Her in Public

"She does whatever she can to retaliate": Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Fires Employees For Looking at Her in Public

Jennifer Lopez has a fair share of stories when it comes to her interactions with fans. The singer and actress is a bombshell filled with talent. Whether it is a hit song or a massive movie, she will give out her best to make sure her fans know just how much she loves them. Her experiences with fans are filled with positivity and charm.

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Jennifer Lopez

Unfortunately, that is only the singer’s side of the story. From the perspective of the fans and staff around her, she hasn’t been the best person to be around. She has been labeled as a diva and even somewhat rude to those around her. There are certain rules that the fans and people around her must follow, if those are broken then there would be a certain fit that could even get staff fired.

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Jennifer Lopez Does Not Make Eye Contact With Her Fans

Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity who has fans both because of her music career as well as her acting career. Her range has given her the opportunity to have a massive fanbase. Although a lot of what they have to say about her isn’t the kindest.

Jennifer Lopez sends fans wild with latest Instagram post | Marca
Jennifer Lopez

“Jennifer has an extreme thing about people looking at her other than when she’s onstage. Then everyone has to look at her. Otherwise, if small unimportant people look at her, and God forbid, open their little unimportant mouths to speak to Her Holiness, she does whatever she can to retaliate. If they’re servers or anyone she can get fired, she gets them fired.”

The actress was said to have a serious issue if anyone made eye contact with her and she would not even directly talk to any staff members, whether they are flight attendants, waiters or personally working for her. Those who do not know her personally had a lot of personal complaints against her.

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Jennifer Lopez Is A Poor Tipper

More reports came out about the actress especially whenever she would dine out. While on one hand, Ben Affleck would be a gracious tipper, giving a wonderful sum to the people who attended the two, Jennifer Lopez was the opposite of that. That specifically made the waiters around her highly upset by her behavior.

Jennifer Lopez y el pantalón vaquero para cualquier 'look'
Jennifer Lopez

“Ben’s a great tipper, he respects service workers, and so he tipped a lot of people a lot of money that night,” a TikToker stated about her interaction with Lopez. “Jennifer goes around to each of those people, and takes back the tip, and gives them maybe $5, $10 bucks—maybe.”

She would try her best to avoid eye contact with anyone who would opt to interact with her. She made her assistant talk to a flight attendant who was simply asking her a choice of beverage, she chose to not even look at him and would indirectly talk to him through her assistant. The various claims about her not being the best to her fans and the staff have made it possible to believe that these might not be just rumors.

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