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“She felt she was mistreated”: Amber Heard Has No Intentions to Retire From Acting After Potential Career Ending Trial With Johnny Depp

"She felt she was mistreated": Amber Heard Has No Intentions to Retire From Acting After Potential Career Ending Trial With Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp finally went their separate ways a year ago. The defamation trial was exhausting both mentally and physically for the two. The strain it put on them was evident throughout the process. Both of them relived traumatic memories. While they had to be strong for the emotional rollercoaster they were being put through, the public eye had become more problematic for Heard than it was for Depp.

Amber Heard không có khả năng trả 240 tỷ đồng tiền bồi thường"
Amber Heard

Although Amber Heard had to face the bitter end of the stick, it also affected Depp heavily. The two suffered throughout the trial and even after it. Heard’s fans would jump on Depp and the vice verse would happen for the actress as well. After going through so much, they both found their own paths in life, separate from the crowd or right into it.

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Amber Heard Is Ready To Act Again

The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial removed any sense of privacy either actor had. There was no way either of them could escape the paparazzi and the public’s opinion of them basically determined the direction of their careers in the future.

Amber Heard Is Nobody's Victim | Glamour
Amber Heard

“Amber couldn’t wait to leave the U.S. with her daughter. She has been living in Spain, where she gets more privacy. The trial was beyond stressful for her and she just wanted to start fresh out of the country. She is excited about working and filming again. She was exhausted and disappointed about the trial. She felt she was mistreated. This is all behind her now, though. She has new energy and is focused on things that she loves.”

Ever since the trial, Heard left the United States of America and settled in Spain with her daughter. While that was the best way to escape the public’s eye, it gave her a good opportunity to raise her daughter Oonagh in peace. A life outside of the spotlight for basically a year was enough for the actress. Insiders claimed that she is now more than ready to get back to acting and is for the career opportunities that await her.

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Johnny Depp Is Looking Forward To More And More Work

Johnny Depp has been going through just as much in his own way. However, his way of dealing with the heavy stress and pressure is not by moving to a different country, but by working non-stop. From his tour to Jeanne Du Barry, he is an unbreakable force who is ready to take on any project he gets.

Johnny Depp's Net Worth 2022: What He Made From Movies, Ads - Parade: Entertainment, Recipes, Health, Life, Holidays
Johnny Depp

“As soon as his tour ended, he jumped into filming Jeanne Du Barry. Filming was challenging, but Johnny is excited about the comeback. He thinks it’s perfect that this historical drama will open at Cannes. Johnny has been living in Europe since the trial. He has been dating, but doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

The exhausting trial’s aftermath is slowly settling on the world as well. The constant hate for both the actors is fading gradually and it has become more of a wait to see what Heard and Depp do in the future. Whether they succeed in their careers or fail is what the fans are patiently waiting to witness, hoping that whatever way their acting careers go best suits them as well.

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