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“She freaked out”: Samuel L. Jackson Blatantly Risked His Life To Pursue His Love For Acting Despite Being on the FBI’s Wanted Radar

Samuel L. Jackson Blatantly Risked His Life To Pursue His Love For Acting Despite Being on the FBI’s Wanted Radar

Samuel L. Jackson is an actor who has created a reputation for himself as not only a fun person but also as a legendary actor. Not only has he starred in more than one iconic movie but he has also taken over some of the most loved characters in cinema. The friends he makes along the way are just as in awe of him as the rest of his fans.

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

His skills as an actor have never once been questioned because of just how vast his range is. To see him as anything other than a part of the entertainment industry would be very difficult for his fans as well as those who are part of Hollywood. However, there was a rather big chance of Jackson not even getting into the profession.

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Samuel L. Jackson Got the FBI’s Help in Becoming an Actor

Samuel L. Jackson did not skyrocket to fame in one night. He got a push he never knew he needed and that too by the FBI out of everyone. The actor told Parade that it was the FBI along with his mother who forced him to pursue acting outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Although he had always been into acting, it wasn’t until he was forced to step out that he actually considered doing something about it.

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Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion
Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion

“But then one day, my mom showed up and put me on a plane to L.A. She said, ‘Do not come back to Atlanta.’ The FBI had been to the house and told her that if I didn’t get out of Atlanta, there was a good possibility I’d be dead within a year. She freaked out.”

The FBI had come to his house when he was rather young and told his mother that the only way he would be alive was if he fled his home. The very thought scared his mother and she put him on a plane that took him to Los Angeles, where his life as an actor continued to develop after he worked with social services for two years.

Samuel L. Jackson Took People Hostage

Samuel L. Jackson was filled with anger both inside and out after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. While speaking with Parade, Jackson revealed how he took the members of the board of trustees from Morehouse College hostage along with Martin Luther King Sr. This resulted in his expulsion but also ended up giving him exactly what he wanted. That was the changes he wanted in campus life for the college.

Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson

“I was angry about the assassination, but I wasn’t shocked by it. I knew that change was going to take something different—not sit-ins, not peaceful coexistence.”

It did not stop there, however, the actor then went on to build connections with the black power movement because he believed that he had the power to bring change socially. All of that came to a stop after his mom and the FBI forced him to leave.

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Source: Parade

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