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“She had to be herself with me”: Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Depressing Wedding Night With Wife Lauren Hashian After She Refused to Sleep With Him

“She had to be herself with me”: Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Depressing Wedding Night With Wife Lauren Hashian After She Refused to Sleep With Him

In a recent poll that was conducted, it came out that Gen-Z loved Dwayne Johnson more than any other celebrity, and it was quite unsurprising to many. Known more popularly as The Rock from his WWE days, the Hollywood star has amassed gratitude from his fans from all around the globe with his electrifying persona and bada*s attitude while also being a humble and simple individual, leaving them satisfied with his stellar performances in many of his films.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

While he is also known to have been titled ‘World’s Sexiest man’ Johnson is a family man through and through. Having every second of his free time spent with his wife and daughters, it’s no wonder he is so happy all the time, which also helps him to spread positivity to his fans as well. With that said though, there was an incident on the night of his wedding that catalyzed the auspicious occasion to go a little stale.

Dwayne Johnson Had To Sit And Watch Movies On His Wedding Night

Dwayne Johnson and wife Lauren Hashian
Dwayne Johnson with his wife Lauren Hashian

Whether on set or in real life, Dwayne Johnson has shown time and time again that he puts time and effort into everything that he does. This includes his time in the Iron Paradise honing his muscles and on set getting ready to play his role to perfection. But what many might not know is that he also manages to create a balance between his work and personal life, which happens to be spending time with his cute family. But he also recalls a time when he was left out to stuff his face in junk food as his wife slept like a baby on their wedding night.

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During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the Jumanji star was being real with the correspondent, opening up about his life from the day of his birth to the present, where he’s one of the biggest things on the internet. In that in-depth interview, he also revealed the funny incident where after their low-key wedding day, it was finally time for them to spend their wedding night, but unfortunately, his wife Lauren Hashian was very exhausted by the festivities of the day and fell asleep before he even knew. So Johnson decided to have a much-deserved cheat meal of cookies and tequila while watching Rocketman on TV.

“So, my wedding night, yeah, was me and Elton and sugar and tequila.”

This amusing tale was followed by a statement, which revealed that he and Hashian keep it real with each other with no pretentiousness whatsoever. He said:

“I think I have had to be nothing but myself with Lauren, and she has had to be nothing but herself with me.”

And thus, they now have a beautiful family where they raise their kids with love and affection and live happily.

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What To Expect Next From Dwayne Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam

With Johnson’s dream of changing the hierarchy of the DCEU being scraped by James Gunn and Peter Safran after canceling the Black Adam franchise, the Red Notice star now aims to make a comeback with his upcoming Christmas special Red One. Along with it, he is also stepped in to be planning for the next installment of Hobbs and Shaw, with his production company Seven Bucks Productions aiming to bring a video game adaptation of It Takes Two into the live-action world soon enough.

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Red One, releasing on Prime Video on Christmas 2023

Source: Vanity Fair

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