“She Hit Me. Is That Better?”: Johnny Depp Frustrated at Amber Heard Lawyer’s Questions

Looking at the ongoing defamation lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, one might think of marriages as troublesome. The allegations made by Heard against Depp are not at all convincing even for the most gullible being. It’s more like Amber trying to draft a story but failing hilariously at doing so. However, the consequences of this lawsuit are devastating both for Heard and Depp, keeping in mind the downfall they are facing in terms of their professional life.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard - "She Hit Me. Is That Better?": Johnny Depp Frustrated at Amber Heard Lawyer's Questions
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Amber claims to be a survivor of domestic abuse, however, according to Johnny, it’s Amber who is the abuser rather than the victim. As per the stereotypes, a man can never be abused physically or mentally at the hands of a woman, and Heard clearly seems to be following the same. During the testimony, a recording was presented where Heard challenged Depp of letting know people that he is the victim of domestic violence and JD seems to have accepted the challenge quite well.

“She hit me. Is that better?” – Johnny Depp

"She Hit Me. Is That Better?": Johnny Depp Frustrated at Amber Heard Lawyer's Questions
Johnny Depp in the ongoing trial

Recently, during Johnny Depp’s testimony, Heard’s attorney displayed a picture of Depp and Heard along with 3 members of the Orient Express and asked him regarding the injury that was visible in the picture. To this Depp replied, “I think the eye is a little bit bugged out.” The attorney then cross-questioned regarding how in the first place he got injured. Depp tried to put forth the incident and the reason behind his bugged eye. While he was telling that this might be a result of the disagreement, Heard’s attorney stopped him in between saying that Jonny Depp was non-responsive. The Judge, however, overruled the objection and asked Johnny to continue. Johnny, by this time frustrated, boldly claimed: “She hit me, Is that better?”

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"She Hit Me. Is That Better?": Johnny Depp Frustrated at Amber Heard Lawyer's Questions
Amber Heard in the ongoing trial

Johnny Depp denies having hit or abused any female in his life and as per the witnesses recorded until now, we cannot overlook his claim. Recently, his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss was testified over a video call after Heard mentioned Depp shoving Moss down the staircase. Kate Moss, however, denied Heard’s claims and told the court that Depp never pushed, kicked, or threw her down any stairs. Let us see what happens next in this infamous lawsuit which changes its course with every hearing.

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Written by Varshit Sharma

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