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She-Hulk Actor Josh Segarra Had High Hopes of Meeting Batman For Epic Showdown During His Stint as a Secret DC Supervillain

She-Hulk Actor Josh Segarra Had High Hopes of Meeting Batman For Epic Showdown During His Stint as a Secret DC Supervillain

Josh Segarra has played characters in both the Marvel and DC universes in his career, appearing in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and Arrow respectively. In his most recent role, Segarra took on the role of Danny Brackett in the sixth installment of the Scream series. Known for his television work, Segarra has also appeared in regular and guest roles in shows, including Chicago P.D., The Other Two, and Orange is the New Black.

Josh Segarra
Josh Segarra

One of Josh Segarra’s most notable roles is that of Adrian Chase in the Arrowverse. In the comic books, Adrian Chase was the district attorney of the fictional Star City, who fought crime under the secret identity of Vigilante. However, Arrow threw viewers a curveball with a surprising twist involving Adrain Chase’s character arc.

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Josh Segarra Has High Hopes To Return To The New DC Universe

Josh Segarra in Arrow
Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase in Arrow

When preparing for his Arrow role, Josh Segarra delved into the Vigilante comics to research his character. Little did the actor know, the show creators had something entirely different in store for him. In an unexpected turn of events, Adrian Chase was revealed to be the DC supervillain, Prometheus.

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During an interview with Inverse, Josh Segarra shared that he wanted to see the character return to the new DC Universe. Notably, the character of Adrian Chase met his demise in the final episode of the fifth season of Arrow, mirroring events from the comics. However, Segarra believes there is potential for the character to be brought back, and he is willing to reprise the role opposite Batman in any of the upcoming DC projects. Segarra told Inverse:

“I hope that I get to bring back Prometheus. I’d love to take on Batman, and there’s a lot more to do with Adrian Chase. I know he meets his end on Arrow — but who knows, maybe I met Batman or Bruce Wayne before that. We share a common backstory. Both of our parents were killed.”

Prometheus served as the arch-villain opposite Oliver Queen in season five of Arrow. A serial killer, Prometheus posed a significant threat to Star City, where Oliver Queen had taken on the role of mayor, alongside his vigilante persona.

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Josh Segarra Was As Surprised As The Audience By The Arrow Twist

Josh Segarra in Arrow
Josh Segarra as Prometheus in Arrow

In the same interview, Josh Segarra also revealed that he initially believed all the fan theories surrounding the character and thought he was going to play the anti-hero role in Arrow. However, the showrunners were clear about Segarra’s role and secret identity as Prometheus. They informed Segarra that his character was more in line with the Batman villain, The Wrath. However, the use of the name Adrian Chase led to confusion for both Segarra and the audience. The FBI actor shared with Inverse:

“I love keeping secrets. And the best thing about the Arrow secret was that they even fooled me at the beginning. Maybe I was too excited to talk to [the showrunners] on the phone. I just didn’t hear that part. So I go buy all the Vigilante comics. Man, I was all ready to play Vigilante. Then I call Marc and Wendy one day and they’re like, ‘Dude, you’re not Vigilante, you’re Prometheus. Man, we told you this!’”

The Sirens actor also portrayed the role of Augustus “Pug” Pugliese in the Marvel miniseries, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. In this series, he plays another attorney and is a colleague of Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk. Only time will tell if Segarra’s dream of encountering Batman in the DC Universe will become a reality.

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Arrow is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Inverse

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