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‘Did She-Hulk really end like a Fast and Furious FAMILY scene?’: She-Hulk Finale Trolls Vin Diesel’s Multi Billion Dollar Franchise With a Family Dinner Ending Scene

She Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s ninth episode marks the end of the first season of the Disney+ show. While many felt that the finale was a bit too over the place, others couldn’t help but enjoy the entertaining premise which played around various themes of meta-narrative and escalated it to a new level.

She-Hulk FandomWire
The Tatiana Maslany-led show has come to an end

Before we delve further into the details, here’s a major spoiler warning. 

Proceed with caution.

The She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Finale

The final episode followed the aftermath of what happened at the end of episode eight. We see the aftereffects of the fiasco caused by the Intelligencia. For a show based around legal comedy and tons of 4th wall breaks, we can attest that the sequences which followed She-Hulk’s demands to have the ending of her show re-written were nothing short of brilliance. As the endeavor inched closer to its end, we also witnessed another surprise appearance by Matt Murdock.

A very meta ending
A very meta ending

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Additionally, to have Hulk finally returns ages after his outer space adventures only to introduce his son, Skaar was what mostly sent fans of the franchise into a frenzy. Teasing a potential movie centered around the plot points of Planet Hulk or World War Hulk (or a mixture of both) is arguably the best thing that could’ve happened for long-time enjoyers of Marvel who know what happens in the comics.

Therefore, irrespective of liking the series or disliking it, one can affirm that the finale for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was severely memorable.

She-Hulk Finale Had A Fast And Furious-styled Family Scene

The family barbecue scene in She-Hulk
The family barbecue scene

One of Jen’s demands to change her conclusive narrative included wanting to meet Daredevil again. Luckily for her and the fans of the Man Without Fear, we do see Matt Murdock again. This time around, it happens in a sweeter, heartwarming, and comparatively PG-13 sequence. Matt decides to stick around for a week and joins Jen and her (rather bewildering) family for a barbecue.

While it cannot completely be ascertained what relationship equation is shared between the two lawyers, it’s safe to say that Jen’s family assumed what most of the fans did as well. Then, of course, we saw Bruce arrive and explain where he had been all this time. And in a grand reveal, the fans got a glimpse at Skaar, the Hulk’s son.

What an exciting twist and turn of events. Quite a charming way to wrap up matters.

People were reminded of Fast and Furious
People were reminded of Fast and Furious

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This particular scene was, however, quick to remind fans of another very popular franchise and that is Fast and Furious. The action-packed film series, which sees Vin Diesel as the current frontrunner, has always emphasized strong notions of family values. Dominic Toretto is known for his love for afternoon cookouts. Therefore, there’s nothing that screams Fast and Furious more than a family barbecue/cookout scene, affirming the bond shared between them all.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law finale seems to have emulated similar family-oriented values. Or rather, much like how the show has a meta-take on common Hollywood tropes, this too was a not-so-subtle gag on what has become rather archetypal of the Vin Diesel-led franchise.

Fans Pointed Out The Similarities

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
Fans of the show were quick to see similarities

Nothing goes amiss in the eyes of MCU fans. While most seem to be harboring either complaints or acclaim for the season finale, one particular fan posted the screenshot of Matt and Jen at the family barbecue and pointed out the similarities the scene shared with the Fast and Furious family cookouts. Even Hulk’s introduction scene for Skaar seems to be drawing parallels to the uber-popular action franchise.

Take a look at what fans had to say:

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Fans are inclined to believe that for the finale to have ended with one such scene truly feels intentional. If the ninth episode decided to go full-meta and have Jen rewrite the entire ending of the show, one cannot put it past the show writers to end it with a lighthearted sequence that seemingly appears to be making a hilarious reference to Fast and Furious. 

Hence, Jennifer Walters lived up to Dom Toretto’s words and made a sizeable room for her family. A family which now has a newer addition whose existence teases future greatness for the superhero franchise.

All nine episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are available for streaming on Disney+.

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