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‘Top Gun: Maverick’s military propaganda is fine, She-Hulk twerking is bad?’: She-Hulk Fans Target ‘Misogynistic MCU Fans’ for Liking Top Gun: Maverick But Pointlessly Hating on She-Hulk

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and its recent episode has managed to successfully contribute to what the Internet is best known for — incessant arguments. From people either enunciating their complaints about the baseless reliance on commercial, “cringe” humor, to others actively having to defend the premise against extreme misogynistic comments, social media has been congested with a whirlwind of conflicting statements; quite challenging and confusing to navigate through.

She-Hulk Megan Thee Stallion
The infamous twerking scene

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The sequence which was responsible for the grand scale of polarization of opinions was a post-credits scene that featured Megan Thee Stallion and Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk twerking. Yes, that did happen. While the sequence was mostly lighthearted, albeit toe-curling, the Internet is completely at each other’s throats over it.

Voicing their support against the unnecessary hatred many believe the scene is receiving, the audiences of the show are pointing out the two-facedness of “misogynistic MCU fans.”

She-Hulk Fans Call Out Marvel Fans For Supporting Military Propaganda

Top Gun: Maverick
Top Gun: Maverick

On Twitter, a user, to highlight the hypocrisy of the She-Hulk situation, pointed out how fans of Marvel have gone through ages of the “most blatant military propaganda.” Despite having sat through and even supported such movie-going experiences, the one thing they draw their lines at is two women twerking.

Many have risen in favor of the user’s stance and have further commented on how endeavors like Top Gun: Maverick are wholeheartedly encouraged, while a harmless sequence of a “giant green woman dancing” from a comedic show is supposedly exasperating.

When it comes to the Tom Cruise-led mega-blockbuster, many critics and audiences had previously commented on how the film actively relies upon themes of military propaganda. While the user was mostly speaking on the themes of which certain MCU films restricted themselves, several have affirmed how other Hollywood attempts have led to the glorification of war and militaristic advocacy.

Some were in favor of the standpoint; others disagreed.

Top gun may have a sequel Miles Teller reveals
Tom Cruise

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The Split Reception

Hulk FandomWire
Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk

Oh, the Internet… a wonderful place where counterarguments birth further flimsy squabbles. While several fans of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law saw eye to eye with the user’s opinion, as the tweet has amassed over 11.2k likes, others did not. Some raised questions against the statement, pointing out the flaws of such perceptions as the rest hummed in agreement.

Check it out:

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While the online sphere remains completely in disaccord, there is no denying the extent to which the fans of the franchise have blown the event out of proportion. While voicing out disapproval for a scene that seemingly appears unnecessary or unamusing is not a heinous crime, the disproportionate and incessant hatred for a post-credits scene that barely lasted for a few seconds may also come off a bit too over-the-top.

Regardless, what would be intriguing to see is how the Tatiana Maslany-led Disney+ series manages to keep the town talking for its upcoming episodes; the same way it has for the past few weeks.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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