‘Iron Man did humour right, 14 years later She-Hulk ruined it’: Marvel Fanatics are Using Nostalgia Card to Bring Down She-Hulk, Claim Clean, Quirky MCU Comedy Got Replaced with Twerking

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She-Hulk released episode 3 this week, and ever since its release, the show has been under criticism for its mid-credit scene. The episode followed up with Jennifer Walters looking for Wong, who broke Emil Blonsky out of his cell. Eventually, she finds him and asks him to testify for Blonsky. After which, Blonsky is released on parole.

She-Hulk and Megan Thee Stallion
She-Hulk and Megan Thee Stallion

The episode also shows Denise Bukowski from the district attorney’s office approaching the superhuman law division for help after a shapeshifting elf defraud him by impersonating Megan Thee Stallion. Jennifer Walters helps him win the case. Megan Thee Stallion also made an appearance in the episode.

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Marvel Fans Are Not Happy With She-Hulk Twerking

The post-credit scene of the episode shows that Megan Thee Stallion is now signing Jennifer Walters as her lawyer, and they celebrated this by dancing, twerking especially. The scene did not go well with everyone. 

Many Marvel fans were disappointed with the scene, and with the writers for having such a scene in the end. While some quoted the scene as it made the ‘MCU history’ others found it outrageous. 

Fans said if the series is supposed to be funny why isn’t it funny then? 


Many even claimed that one scene ruined the whole episode, saying, “Usual woke-trash cr*p of the now usual garbage. I wouldn’t even watch it under torture (sic).”

Fans Started Comparing She-Hulk’s Attempts at Comedy with Iron Man Humor

Marvel fans are not planning to stop anytime soon. Now the fandom has started comparing Tony Stark’s humor with She-Hulk. 


The debate started after the release of the third episode. Robert Downey’s Iron Man was sarcastic and funny at times, enjoyed by fans. He made Iron Man one of the most iconic and interesting characters in the MCU. 

Looking back at Iron Man movies and the character of Tony Stark, fans started saying, “Tony did humor right and She-Hulk ruined it.” 


Mentioning some scenes of Iron Man, fans started pointing out the issues with the show for it not being funny and for the unnecessary twerking scene. They started comparing Iron Man with She-Hulk saying there’s tons of humor in Iron Man.


However, not everyone was upset with She-Hulk’s twerking. Many even defended the character by saying that it is a comedy show and it’s not a big deal to have the main character dancing in a credit scene.

Others just called it a good credit scene and nothing more. Many even pointed out Yinsen’s death in Iron Man as not being funny, but the credit scene in She-Hulk is.


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A Series of Criticism for She-Hulk

This might not be the first time the show is criticized. Ever since its trailer release, the show has been receiving critical reviews. From CGI issues to the portrayal of their favorite characters in the MCU. Fans were also not satisfied with the number of cameos the show will be having. 

Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters

The twerking doesn’t seem to be the only problem. The mid-credit scene does not have anything to do with the story or She-Hulk. How was this related to anything in the MCU and how does this work within the context of the story? These are all the questions fans are trying to find the answers to.

Considering its reviews till now, the show has received mixed reviews so far. While many like the show and have appreciated Tatiana Maslany as the lead, there are some, who do not seem very impressed by the show.

She-Hulk MCU M-She-U

She-Hulk episode 3 ended with Jennifer Walters getting attacked by the Wrecking Crew, who were sent by someone to get a sample of her blood. But they fail as Jennifer Walters turns into She-Hulk and all of them run away.


The next episode may give a glimpse of who was this person and what Waters has to face as Jennifer Walters next. She-Hulk is streaming on Disney+. 

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