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‘She-Hulk is complete garbage’: Ben Shapiro Claims Disney’s Indoctrinating Kids into LGBTQ Agenda With ‘Woke Garbage’, Says Christopher Reeve Superman Movies Were Better

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Becoming one of the more popular Disney+ shows, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been received with mixed reception despite the promising promotion. It sees the return of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk while introducing Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
She-Hulk is expected to cross over to other MCU projects according to Kevin Feige.

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One of the major criticisms of the show was the CGI, especially with the close-ups of She-Hulk. Some of the fans have also found some of the dialogue in the show to be politically motivated and have taken to the internet to express their disappointment, this group of fans also includes Ben Shapiro.

Ben Shapiro’s take on She-Hulk

In a video released in August, Ben Shapiro criticized She-Hulk: Attorney at Law by calling it “woke garbage”. He further went on to compare the show with Christopher Reeves’s Superman movies. He said:

“Remember that time that they used to make comic book movies that were fun and didn’t lecture you on woke garbage, remember that… like you watch the old superman movies with Christopher Reeves and you’re like oh wow there’s not a lot of politics to this it’s basically just superman…”

She-Hulk and Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro asserted the show forces the idea that women are victims in American society.

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The media personality further went on to criticize the writers of the show, deeming that they just included contrarian and liberal plot points for “channeling them into the dialogue”. He further took a shot at Disney too and claimed to have unsubscribed from Disney+. He argued:

“Ever since Disney decided to unleash the fact publicly that it was trying to indoctrinate kids in LGBTQ plus minus divided by sign queer theory… I canceled my Disney+ subscription so I’ve not watched a single moment of Disney plus since then.”

Commonly known for his conservative and radical views, it’s no wonder the YouTuber thinks this way. He’s already butted heads on many topics affecting the American zeitgeist and has been called out for being insensitive and brushing off liberal views as garbage.

Why his opinion doesn’t mean jack

Despite Ben Shapiro’s aggressive political leaning being a red flag alone, the fact that he hasn’t even watched the show and still calls it garbage is a bigger issue. He specifically pointed out a minute of the first episode where Jennifer argues with Bruce about controlling her anger.

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She-Hulk and Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro referred to She-Hulk as “poisonous pop culture.”

He’s also been called out by many of the fans on Twitter for virtue-signaling to his user base and for trashing the scene where Jennifer is talking about the struggle of being herself and successful.

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Furthermore, he hilariously became a caricature of male internet trolls from the show as we saw a montage of tweets from insecure men in the MCU whining about the existence of another woman superhero.

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