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“Such a Negative Nancy”: She-Hulk Star Jameela Jamil Trolls Fan Calling She-Hulk Daredevil Episode as ‘Mid Hulk’

She-Hulk Star Jameela Jamil Trolls Fan Calling She-Hulk Daredevil

Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, made his long-awaited appearance in the Marvel series with the release of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 8 on Disney Plus. His debut has been foreshadowed since before the show ever began, and his participation has been a long time coming after an Easter Egg dropped in She-Hulk episode 5.

She-Hulk with Daredevil

While the protagonist has been seen going on dates and abruptly exiting them, she was ultimately greeted by someone who appears to like her both in Jen and She-Hulk forms, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock. In She-Hulk Episode 8, the actor returns to the MCU, bonding with the titular lawyer and eventually banging doors near the end of the episode.

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How was Daredevil introduced to the audience?

For those who haven’t watched the 8th episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, spoilers ahead.

The episode began with the impression that it would be yet another jovial affair. Jen was requested to represent Leap-Frog in a legal struggle with her tailor, Luke Jacobson, who’d been accused of making a poor garment that malfunctioned and wounded the wannabe superhero. The presence of Jacobson’s lawyer, on the other hand, had everyone talking.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law managed to earn mixed signals from the audience.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

While their legal struggle ended quickly, Jen and Matt’s paths would continue to cross. They spoke in a pub before clashing as their superhero counterparts, both striving for what they perceived to be the moral good. In the end, the couple would enjoy a fair dose of flirting banter before teaming with each other to rescue Jacobson from the clutches of Leap-Frog, who had kidnapped him and forced him to work on a new suit.

The new episode of She-Hulk
Daredevil and Jennifer Walters

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Despite their very different personalities, Jen and Matt would find some common ground. It was a friendship that rapidly turned into a night of romance, and we even got to see Daredevil take the walk of shame from Jen’s place the next morning. Everyone watching at home, of course, punched the air in joy. It’s safe to assume that the great majority of fans believe this was a cameo well worth the wait.

Jameela Jamil trolls toxic fans on Twitter

Most fans and critics appear to be enjoying Marvel Studio’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, but there is a subset of fans who have gone out of their way to express their distaste for the figure and the series as a whole. While Jameela Jamil plays the villain in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, she is the hero in real life. So far, the online series has received its fair share of criticism.

She-Hulk FandomWire
Jameela Jamil as Titania

Titania actress Jameela Jamil turned to Twitter in response to the criticism of She-Hulk Episode 8 and lashed out at displeased fans.

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Legitimate corrective feedback is appreciated in Hollywood, but pure hatred for the sake of hate should not be permitted. So it’s a thrill to watch someone so deeply invested in a project trading sarcasm for sarcasm. Well, the She-Hulk season finale premieres this week, and it’s yet to see how things go with Jen and her gamma blood and will Daredevil make another appearance? That is yet to be known.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is streaming now on Disney+.

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