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‘You Will Get an Answer’: She-Hulk Creator Jessica Gao Hints Show Will Address Fate of Controversial Sokovia Accords That Broke the Avengers in Civil War

She Hulk Sokovia

Disney+ series She-Hulk is just a mile away to show up next which perfectly blends the concept of legal comedy and action. Fans have been waiting for a long now and all the wait is going to be worth it. Recently Pamela Gores, said that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series creator Jessica Gao confirmed fans by announcing we will see more about the Sokovia Accords.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Disney+
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Disney+

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Previously we witnessed this in Captain America: Civil War and then in WandaVision and Black Widow. That accord needed all the superheroes to be signed with the government.

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She-Hulk Creator Confirms the Comeback Of MCU’s Sokovia Accords

Jessica Gao hints the show will bring back Sokovia Accords
Jessica Gao hints the show will bring back Sokovia Accords

Jessica Gao also confirmed that the show is going to clear every confusion regarding what happened to the Sokovia Accords.

“Yeah. Well, this show will answer the question of whatever happened to the Sokovia Accords. It’ll happen later in the season, but you will get an answer to what actually happened to the Accords.”

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In the show, it’s clear that Jennifer Walters doesn’t really enjoy the popularity being She-Hulk and struggles with her career and alter-ego. The goal of Jennifer Walters is to tackle a new type of superhuman situation. And this all makes sense to bring back Sokovia Accords to the game.

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She-Hulk Can Potentially Bring Back Sokovia Accords in MCU Phase 4

Sokovia Accords might comeback in MCU phase 4
Sokovia Accords might comeback in MCU phase 4

Marvel seems to change its approach in Phase 4. Phases 1 through 3 are altogether known to be “The Infinity Saga,” because there is a single loop running throughout the films. If we talk about the shocking connection between Damage Control and the comic book version of the Sokovia Accords, it’s the Super-Human Registration Act.

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If we look back to the pages, the SHRA was brought in to act after a deadly battle between a gang of teenage vigilantes and the supervillain Nitro, which caused a massive outbreak in the town of Stamford. Wolverine then came to know about Nitro had been coming under influence of a Mutant Growth Hormone, which he got from Marvel’s Damage Control. And now introducing the Sokovia Accords again can unleash a very deadly force in the MCU’s Phase 4.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, first episode date will be released on 18 August 2022.

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Written by Shreeparna Das