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‘I Too Eat Straight From the Garbage’: Unhappy Marvel Fans Troll She-Hulk Origin Story Change, Claim New Jennifer Walters Backstory Makes Zero Sense

Looks like the new She-Hulk Disney+ series is going to change things surrounding the character of Green-skinned Jennifer Walters. Recently in a featurette released, it can be seen that the origin story of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is going to get a complete makeover as it is far opposite from what we have seen in the comics. And look like there’s mass disappointment with it. Starting from the ardent fans to the normal movie-going audience, everyone’s unhappy as the new origin looks lame and makes no sense to them.

She-Hulk changes the origin

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She-Hulk’s origin takes a drastic turn in live action:

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Originally in the comics, Jennifer Walters was shot and critically injured by the men of Nicholas Trask. Nicholas Trask was a mobster and shared history with her father. After the accident, unable to find any appropriate blood donor, Jennifer’s cousin the widely popular Bruce Banner aka Hulk had to transfuse his blood to his cousin’s body. This blood being radiated by Gamma also provides similar powers to Jennifer and as a result of which we got the She-Hulk.

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But the origin is going to be completely different in the upcoming Tatiana Maslany-led live-action series as we can see in the featurette that it will show both Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer Walters being involved in a car accident during which she gets Hulk’s Gamma contaminated blood. Even though this bears some resemblance to the Comic Origin still the fans don’t fail to notice that there are numerous problems in it and is receiving widespread criticism from all around.

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The Fans are terribly Disappointed:

Fans are disappointed on She-Hulk trailer
The CGI of She-Hulk already raised questions about the show earlier

The new origin story to be shown in the series didn’t able to convince the fans as they can’t find any sense in this new story. If Jennifer Walter gets transformed by the Gamma contaminated blood of Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo, it is also to be noted that then by now, a handful of other characters should also have been transformed whom he SMASHED. 

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On top of it, most importantly Hulk also has healing power which can heal him in seconds then how could such a blood transfusion occur also by a mere car accident so this origin has many flaws in it and even the fans can’t understand the need for changing the comic origin.

Looks like, this accidental origin story will have to try harder to satisfy the fans. Still, if the whole story turns out to be good then it can surely be another hit. Besides this show will also present Daredevil in action for the first time in MCU. Although we watched Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock before in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the superhero in an action avatar will be seen for the first time in the upcoming series. Not only that but Tim Roth’s Abomination is also going to be in the show returning after a long time after The Incredible Hulk.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on August 17 on Disney+

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