She-Hulk Trailer Proves Marvel is Toying With the Fan Idea of Wong Cinematic Universe


Tatiana Maslany is set to reprise her role as the She-Hulk in the fast-approaching eponymous Disney+ series which is set to release on August 17, 2022. The character will be the next in a long line of new heroes set to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Phase 4. However, amid the constant divided reviews and criticism that the show has been receiving, fans have found yet another reason to diss the show.

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law
She-Hulk: Attorney At Law becomes Marvel’s first comedy series

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The 2022 San Diego Comic-Con has been a powerhouse of new MCU movies and series announcements. Among those was also released a new trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series, She-Hulk. But, there was one matter that has visibly left the fans upset viz a viz the Wong Cinematic Universe.

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SDCC ’22 She-Hulk Trailer Doesn’t Incorporate Phase Wong

The new She-Hulk trailer which was released during the Hall H announcements had several moments which were scream-inducing, perhaps the most of which was the ending tease of the one and only Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The other surprisingly enjoyable moment was Wong’s entry into the scene in his signature omnipresence fashion where he swoops into the scene just at the right moment to deliver a grain of salt to the over-reaching plot and help out the resident heroes take down the bad guy.

She-Hulk new trailer premieres, shows character breaking the fourth wall
She-Hulk’s new trailer shows the character breaking the fourth wall

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In this instance, however, it seems the attorney who’s supposedly an exemplary lawyer insistent on doing everything by-the-book will be in for a surprise from the Sorcerer Supreme himself, who is rather insistent on doing everything by his book, i.e. the Book of Vishanti. Wong has repeatedly made his presence splattered throughout Phase 4 and although that warrants appreciation, it also means Marvel is content with keeping the character’s role confined to making cameos in series and movies rather than contributing resources to produce a Wong spin-off.

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Benedict Wong Talks About the Wong Cinematic Universe

Wong started off in the MCU as the Keeper of Books at Kamar Taj and a friend of Stephen Strange when the latter had first arrived at the holy grounds looking for help. He later ascended to the role of Sorcerer Supreme and Protector of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum when Doctor Strange had been dusted during the five-year Blip. Ever since his presence has been omniscient and ubiquitous throughout the events during the post-Infinity Saga.

Wong continues The Abomination storyline after Shang-Chi appearance
Wong continues The Abomination storyline after his Shang-Chi appearance

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His upcoming role in She-Hulk attests to his ever-present quintessential problem-solving attitude. However, it also accounts for his new role as Marvel’s designated superhero recruiter. As a Sorcerer Supreme, he was seen briefly appearing in Shand-Chi to talk about how the rising hero could contribute, and now he’s seen doing the same with Maslany’s She-Hulk as he appears through a portal to talk about “a higher power”.

During Doctor Strange 2 promotions, Benedict Wong opened up about his essential cameo roles in Phase 4 saying, “I call it Phase Wong. It’s a nice interesting shift. Wong has taken on a new role, and that dynamic changes between them [Wong and Strange] both.” Wong has, in fact, remained so very integral to every plot and narrative that the actor so far went on to even coin the term “Wong Cinematic Universe”. It seems Marvel at the time is using Wong’s convenient position as the Sorcerer Supreme to help further the narratives of other projects while disappointing fans with the absence of an actual Wong series.


She-Hulk: Attorney At Law debuts on Disney+ on 17 August 2022.

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