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She-Hulk Villain Titania Has an Epic Doctor Doom Connection

Doctor Doom is known as the archenemy of the Fantastic Four. Along with all these, Doom is also responsible for the archenemy of She-Hulk as well. Want to know why? Keep reading.

She Hulk bringing back Doctor Doom
She-Hulk bringing back Doctor Doom

Yes, you are right. She Hulk’s Greatest Villain Was Created By Doctor Doom only. Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner. And this doesn’t stop Walters from having her scamp of villains.

Will She-Hulk Bring Doctor Doom to MCU?

She Hulk Comics
She-Hulk Comics

However, Jen’s villain was put on a path to stop by another Marvel Comics villain, Doctor Doom.
Formerly becoming the avenger for Jennifer Walters, Titania was previously known as Mary “Skeeter” Macpherran. She was an abnormally tiny Denver girl who was prematurely born, into a vast family. Her siblings and classmates certainly reached their full growth potential.

But, Mary would remain a small individual. Both mentally and physically. The only way to escape from her lifestyle would be in fantasy tales before eventually confessing to her friend Marsha Rosenberg. While attending a grand ball with Marsha, Mary and the people of the ball along with the entire population of Denver got lifted into outer space. By an infinitely powerful cosmic being known only as The Beyonder. After, Landing on the alien arena planet of Battleworld, Doctor Doom came into contact with them. Doom eventually preys on the girl’s desire for strength, and both Mary and Marsha become one of the willing test subjects for the Latverian dictator’s power.

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Carrying the cosmic energies of Battleworld into his Doombase fortress. The power-enhancing machine containing Mary and Marsha, Doctor Doom’s newest faithful champion Mary came back as the unbelievably strong Titania. And Marsha became the plasma-based Volcana. 

Doctor Doom Marvel MCU
Doctor Doom Marvel MCU

Doom’s supreme violation against various superheroes and supervillains is currently occupying Battleworld. However, few superheroes proved a match for Titania’s newest strength is equally powerful as She-Hulk. She-Hulk is ready for Titania, but Doctor Doom is the one who paved her way to a chronic form of threat. This will inevitably get the better of her green-skinned foe.

Mary became stronger and lusted of gaining superpowers to get revenge on her tormentors. She falsely claimed to secretly be the superhero Spider-Woman. Her popularity glided until the truth was exposed during the first Secret Wars. After humiliation, Mary and her best friend Marsha Rosenberg ran away. They eventually encountered Doctor Doom. He offered them the chance to gain superpowers. So yes there are chances of bringing back Doctor Doom to MCU.



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Written by Shreeparna Das