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She-Hulk Reveals Before Wong Became Sorcerer Supreme, He Was a Target Sales Associate for 9 Whole Years

Marvel is really coming up with new ideas for its ongoing show She-Hulk. After revealing an actual Tinder profile of She-Hulk, it revealed Wong’s profile on a LinkedIn-like platform in the show itself. Wong’s profile says Wong, Sorcerer Supreme, and shows a mutual connection between Jennifer Walters and Wong.

Wong also gave a cameo in Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings (2021).
Sorcerer Supreme Wong

The profile also mentions Wong’s experience in different fields and what he did before becoming a Sorcerer Supreme. With appearing in the upcoming episode of She-Hulk, Marvel may reveal more about the Sorcerer Supreme. 

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Wong in Phase 4 of MCU

When it comes to Phase 4 of the MCU, there is no denying that Wong certainly is one of the important characters. He appeared in Shang Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and recently in Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness.


All these appearances have made fans more familiar with the character along with his journey to becoming a Sorcerer Supreme. Wong, who has been portrayed as a serious character with a bit of comedy to it, may appear differently in She-Hulk

Wong to Appear in She-Hulk Upcoming Episodes

In a recent clip of She-Hulk episode 3, Jennifer Walters tries to find out more about Wong. She tasks her paralegal and best friend, Nicky Ramos, to find out information about Wong and track him down.

While doing this she comes across Wong’s professional history in MCU’s version of LinkedIn. 

Wong’s profile shows him as a Sorcerer Supreme in New York, United States. There is also a mutual connection with Jennifer Walters, who is Bruce Banner. This may hint that Bruce Banner also has a LinkedIn profile. 

Wong in She-Hulk
Wong in She-Hulk

His employment history says that before being a Sorcerer Supreme, he worked as a full-time librarian at Kamar-Taj in Nepal for 11 years. 

The profile also says that Wong has 9 years of experience of working as a full-time Target Sales Associate in Kamar-Taj, Nepal. However, one question that is still unanswered is, “Does Nepal even has a Target?” 

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Fans React to Wong’s LinkedIn Profile

It is one of the fans’ reactions on Twitter after the image was released. The news has had a mixed reaction. While some consider it funny, many are not happy with the turn Marvel is giving to its characters for a Comedy series.

Fans are fearing that just like Daredevil, the series will mess up Wong’s character as well.

Regarding this, one user said how seeing Daredevil behave like Spider-Man would not be fun and that is what they are afraid Disney is planning to do with its characters.

The writer of She-Hulk has also said that they are planning to portray characters in a different way than they usually are.

Well some may not like the portrayal, there are many who are excited to see him in She-Hulk.

People even praised Wong for his career growth from being a Sales Associate to Sorcerer Supreme.

Will Wong be in She-Hulk Episode 3?

The She-Hulk trailer shows Wong appearing on the show. However, it is still not clear if he will be in the next episode or not.

In the last episode, Jennifer Walters finally gets a job as an attorney at the Superhero Law Decision at GLK&H law firm. She is asked to stay in her Hulk form. Her first client is Abomination. At first, she refuses to take the case but when it is the only option she is left with, she meets Abomination and agrees to take his case.

Wong to appear in She-Hulk

By the end of the episode, news breaks out showing Abomination in the same ring as Shang Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings. The viral clip shows Abomination with Wong in the ring. 

The next episode may follow up with this situation and this may be the reason why Jennifer was looking for Wong.

Wong may also have to appear in court to testify how and why he took Abomination to the ring. All that will be revealed in the next episode of She-Hulk

She-Hulk episode 3 will air on September 1 on Disney+. 

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