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“She just wants to be fulfilled”: Winona Ryder Has Given Up on Staying Relevant After Dating Johnny Depp, Likes to Stay Indoors All the Time Reveals Finn Wolfhard

“She just wants to be fulfilled”: Winona Ryder Has Given Up on Staying Relevant After Dating Johnny Depp, Likes to Stay Indoors All the Time Reveals Finn Wolfhard

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder’s relationship in the 1990s was one that became so loved and popular that they’d break the news every week with almost anything they did. One could call them the Brangelina of the 90s, and the relevance of their relationship hasn’t died down even after all these years, as fans are still captivated by the flair of their relationship.

It’s pretty possible that Ryder herself is tired of having to hear about the time she dated the Pirates of the Caribbean star all the time. And if Finn Wolfhard speaks the truth, she definitely is tired of all the gossip and talks.

Winona Ryder FandomWire
Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp

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Winona Ryder Is Content With Her Life As A Low-Key Celebrity

Despite what a lot of people may say, the fame status that comes with being a celebrity in the modern age can be very overwhelming. Your social media will be filled with tons of notifications, your private time is interrupted by paparazzi, and every move of yours is judged by your fans as well as everyone else.

Winona Ryder FandomWire
Winona Ryder in Stranger Things

Winona Ryder is one such celebrity who has faced nearly all of the problems listed above, especially when she dated Johnny Depp in the 90s. Having met each other at a New York City Film Premiere in 1989, the two ended up falling in love at first sight.

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Even though they dated for three years, her life was always monitored by the media and the public all those years that she dated Depp. And of course, almost anyone would be tired of being watched 24/7.

In fact, she’s learned quite a lot up till now. Finn Wolfhard, who stars alongside Ryder in Netflix’s popular hit TV series Stranger Things, recently revealed in an interview with GQ that his co-star isn’t too worried about being relevant anymore-

“She is awesome too, because she just lives with her partner at her house. She doesn’t go out. She’s a homebody and doesn’t care about being relevant either. She just wants to be fulfilled.”

Fans would be happy to hear that their favorite actor is content with how her life is going currently. Despite the name she has created for herself in the industry, Winona Ryder is one happy person who remains unfazed by what the world thinks of her.

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Finn Wolfhard Says Winona Ryder Is A Bad Texter

The age of mobile phones and messaging apps came to prominence in the 2010s when the internet was making its way to every corner of the world. Focusing on texting, the messaging medium has its own etiquette and rules that everyone unanimously follows- like keeping a conversation going beyond 5 blocks of text.

Winona Ryder FandomWire
Winona Ryder

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Apparently, Winona Ryder isn’t too good at that. During the same interview with GQ, Wolfhard revealed a very big trait that his co-star Ryder has – she text’s really bad. The IT actor said,

“One (Ryder) of the funniest texters ever, because she’ll text you and then you’ll text her back and then she won’t text you ever again.”

“She’ll text you whatever, say something like, ‘Oh, have you ever seen this movie?’ And I’ll be like, ‘No, I haven’t. How are you?’ And then just, nothing.”

To be fair, she didn’t grow up in such an environment to care enough about texting etiquette. Boomer behavior!

Stranger Things is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: GQ

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