“She keeps her clique pretty small”: Zendaya’s Mom From Euphoria Reveals if She Should Continue Dating Tom Holland

"She keeps her clique pretty small": Zendaya’s Mom From Euphoria Reveals if She Should Continue Dating Tom Holland

Zendaya is no more an upcoming actor in the industry with the number of blockbuster movies and tv shows she starred in. The Euphoria actress has become one of the major names in today’s Hollywood. Especially after starring as MJ in the Spider-Man movies under MCU, and as Rue Bennett on the tv show, Euphoria, her popularity has since skyrocketed as she became one of the most sought-after actors.

Zendaya stars as MJ alongside Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the MCU, and has become one of the most fan-favorite couplings, with fans all over rooting for the two of them. Nika King, who plays the role of Zendaya’s mom in Euphoria, is also rooting for the couple. She says the both of them always enjoy each other’s company the most. The Spider-Man: No Way Home couple has been dating for quite some time now in real life.

Zendaya at NMACC
Zendaya rocking the saree at NMACC

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Zendaya’s Euphoria Mom Nika King Approves of Tom Holland

Zendaya and Tom Holland first met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming way back in 2016 and since then rumors about their relationship have taken over the internet. They instantly hit it off on set, and became very good friends, a bit more than friends one would say, but the rumors of them dating were denied by both parties.

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From 2017 to 2021, both Zendaya and Tom Holland dated other people, though her relationship with Euphoria star Jacob Elordi never went public or was officially confirmed. So the Holland and Zendaya shippers had it quite rough until the two were seen kissing inside Tom Holland’s car in LA. And though both of them have tried to keep it on the low, social media is bursting with this.

Zendaya as Rue Bennet in a still from Euphoria
Zendaya as Rue Bennet in Euphoria

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“I’ve met Tom. He’s come over to her house when they have dinners and stuff like that. He’s very sweet, very nice, and I don’t know what the extent of their relationship is, but they always look happy, they always look like they’re enjoying themselves.

And I’m just like, look, whenever I see love, I’m here for it. She has a good core of people around her and I think that’s also important. She keeps her clique pretty small”

The Dune actress’ net worth after starring in the web series Euphoria has skyrocketed and as per recent reports she will earn something close to $1 million per episode for the upcoming third season. But apart from it, the actor’s popularity has already reached its threshold, and especially her linkup with Tom Holland after that steamy car makeout might make them the “It” couples of today’s generation.

Nika King, who plays Zendaya’s mother in Euphoria also shared during an interview with Page Six that the two of them are always happy around each other. She continued to add that though she does not know their relationship status as they have not officialized anything, the two are a perfect match for each other.

Zendaya’s $1 Million Salary For Each Episode of Euphoria

Zendaya’s most critically acclaimed performance will be her role as Rue Bennett in Euphoria, where she will be earning a whopping $1 million for each episode in the third season. However, the season might not arrive shortly, at least not for the next half year.

The production and filming for the third season might have been pushed back because of her other commitments to movies and tv shows such as Dune: Part Two, which will be released later this year. Taking into account the success of the first two seasons of the HBO Max series, especially with the Spider-Man actress as the main lead, no matter how much delay the show might have to face, the success of the show is imminent.

Zendaya in Dune
Zendaya in Dune

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Apart from Euphoria, Zendaya has many upcoming roles with Dune: Part Two already around the corner, and this time around everyone is expecting the movie to share more about Zendaya’s role as Chani, as in the first movie her character was kept absolutely mysterious.

Challengers will also be released in mid-2023 with Zendaya as one of the main leads and her cast as Tashi, a player-turned-coach, who is determined to make her husband go pro in tennis. Zendaya will also play a part in the upcoming movie Megalopolis, though not much has been revealed about the script. The movie will focus on the reconstruction of NYC after a disaster that tore down the city’s infrastructure.

Euphoria Season 3 has been announced, but the release date has not been officialized.

Dune: Part Two is set to be released on November 3, 2023.

Source: Page Six

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