“She looks too pretty and thin to play Brienne”: Gwendoline Christie Was Glad To Be Booed By Fans After Her Casting in Game of Thrones

Gwendoline Christie was a phenomenal addition to Game of Thrones and she has fascinating stories to tell about her work in the series

Gwendoline Christie Was Glad To Be Booed By Fans After Her Casting in Game of Thrones


  • British actor Gwendoline Christie gave an amazing performance as Brienne of Tarth in HBO’s blockbuster series, Game Of Thrones.
  • She was secretly thrilled about people doubting her casting due to her appearance.
  • She went through hard training and work to prepare for her role
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Before her appearances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Wednesday, British actor Gwendoline Christie impressed critics and audiences across the world with her gritty and raw portrayal of Brienne of Tarth in HBO’s blockbuster series, Game Of Thrones. The actor who played the towering female knight in the show, proved that she was a natural at hardcore action with her skill and talent.

Gwendoline Christie
Wednesday star Gwendoline Christie

Playing a muscled and physically imposing character on screen required Christie to put in many hours of training to build up her body and rugged appearance which wasn’t her natural look despite being very tall. The celebrity was also secretly thrilled about people doubting her casting due to her appearance.

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Why Gwendoline Christie Was Happy To Be Criticized For Her Role In Game Of Thrones

One of the most memorable characters in Game of Thrones is Brienne of Tarth played by Gwendoline Christie. Described by George R.R. Martin in the Song of Ice and Fire novels as large, tough, and physically unattractive, Christie nailed the part to perfection by embodying all these qualities through her body language. Despite being tall and commanding to fit the character, Christie’s physicality still did not convince audiences that she was the perfect choice for the role. According to a fan’s comment in Entertainment Weekly,

“She looks too pretty and thin to play Brienne”

Gwendoline Christie
Gwendoline Christie in Game Of Thrones

Christie though, found this supposed criticism to be complimentary as she revealed that calling her a model actually left her feeling flattered and good about herself. The celebrity also confessed that she, like all women, harbored dreams of looking beautiful and becoming a model.

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Gwendoline Christie’s Rigorous Preparation For Her Game Of Thrones Role

The tall, muscular, and physically commanding Brienne of Tarth was portrayed to perfection by Gwendoline Christie in HBO’s massive blockbuster series, Game Of Thrones. The star, who heard of the auditions for the role, began preparing long before casting sessions began. When Christie bagged the part, the real transformative work started to bring the character to life.

Gwendoline Christie
Gwendoline Christie went through arduous preparation for her role in Game Of Thrones

The British star immersed herself into the part by cutting her long hair, hiring a boxing coach, learned fencing and horseback riding, and also started wearing unisex clothing to change the way she walked, in an effort to understand the nuances of her character better.

Her efforts paid off with Christie becoming one of the most popular stars in the show despite Brienne of Tarth not being conventionally attractive. This opportunity gave her the confidence that well-written characters will always receive the love and respect they deserve and Game Of Thrones proved that with its stupendous success.


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