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“She was a little slow”: Billy Bush Reveals Lisa Marie Presley Could Not Even Walk Without Help in Her Last Interview Before Her Death

"She was a little slow": Billy Bush Reveals Lisa Marie Presley Could Not Even Walk Without Help in Her Last Interview Before Her Death

Lisa Marie Presley recently passed away at the age of 54. She was the only daughter of Elvis Presley and the sole heir to his legacy. She was a songwriter and singer, much like her late father. Her last interview was with Billy Bush and he came to notice something was not right with her much before she passed.

Lisa Marie Presley
Lisa Marie Presley

The singer suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away in the hospital. Her family is devastated due to her passing and has since then asked for privacy during these difficult times. According to Bush, something was different about the singer when he interviewed her, and could not understand what exactly was off.

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Billy Bush Thought Something Was Wrong With Lisa Marie Presley

When Bully Bush had been interviewing Lisa Marie Presley, he noticed a lot of things that were rather different about the singer. During an interview for Elvis, it was obvious that Lisa Marie Presley had developed a strong relationship with Austin Butler, the actor who portrayed her father in the movie. The interview was conducted just before the Golden Globes and she was with Jerry Schilling.

Lisa Marie Presley

According to Bush, it was difficult for Presley to even walk because of imbalance. She had been leaning into Schilling for support and could not even climb the stairs without help. For her, walking and standing straight was a task and she needed full support in order to do those. Even for Elvis’s 88th birthday celebration, she was present, but and was not feeling her best. Lisa Marie was unable to walk there as well. This was apparently not the first heart attack that she suffered from, unfortunately, it was the most fatal one. All the interviews that she conducted recently showed her weak and unable to stand properly, which was already a massive topic of concern.

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Lisa Marie Presley Did Not Have An Easy Life

Loss was not a new thing in Lisa Marie Presley’s life, and that unfortunately took a huge toll on her. From her father to her previous husband and her son; the singer has seen death too often. The loss of a father is not something that can ever be escaped, especially when getting out of his shadow is a difficult task on its own. The singer lost her ex-husband Michael Jackson, another prominent figure in the music industry, and she recently lost her son as well.

Lisa Marie Presley

All of this can have a massive impact on any individual and Lisa Marie Presley was no exception. Not only that but her finances hadn’t been the easiest either.

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