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“She was good, but it didn’t work”: Tom Cruise Nearly Starred With Ex-Wife Nicole Kidman In $267M Movie Before Critically Acclaimed Erotic Thriller 6 Years Later

"She was good, but it didn't work": Tom Cruise Nearly Starred With Ex-Wife Nicole Kidman In $267M Movie Before Critically Acclaimed Erotic Thriller 6 Years Later

The life of a Hollywood superstar sometimes aligns with that of a regular man in certain aspects, most commonly, during the times of a relationship. Even the most revered stars might struggle while find that special someone, and Tom Cruise knows it better than anyone. One of the few old-time bachelors of the Hollywood industry, the star has been through his fair share of issues.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Many of the females that the star has been in the past include A-List female stars from the business such as Mimi Rogers and Katie Holmes. But Nicole Kidman was her only real-life partner with whom he shared a screen while being in a relationship and even portraying a reel couple in Eyes Wide Shut. But there might’ve been a chance that they could’ve been in this exact scenario years before.

Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman Could’ve Become Both On-Screen Before Eyes Wide Shut

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

While they did spend a significant time together staying married, they ended up going their separate ways in 2001 after their divorce. Therefore, Eyes Wide Shut proved to be an excellent reminder to the public of just how well Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman worked in a pair as they saw the real-life couple’s on-screen chemistry. But before the Stanely Kubrick classic was released, director Adrian Lyne was eying the couple to play an on-screen one as well.

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The 1993 film by Lyne, titled Indecent Proposal, was the film where the role of Diana Murphy was being considered for Kidman. But then, when the filmmaker compared it to Demi Moore’s performance, he decided that she was the one who should play the role. On the other hand, Tom Cruise was also being considered to play the role of Diana’s husband David Murphy, but couldn’t make the cut. In an interview, Lyne said:

“I tested Nicole Kidman later, She was good, but it didn’t work out. Demi was better. I’ve seen Demi for every movie I’ve done, and I’ve watched her change. She’s lovely to watch in a tactile way.”

Therefore, what eventually took place in 1999 could’ve become a possibility 6 years back.

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What Was Eyes Wide Shut About?

A still from Eyes Wide Shut
A still from Eyes Wide Shut

The film, in classic Kubrick fashion, has all the elements that a film needs to mesmerize its audience and keep them guessing, and loving every passing shot of the suspense and thrill. The story follows Bill Harford, who is jealous because of her wife’s comment about fantasizing about another man and dives into the tantalizing underworld filled with lust and desire. Here, he meets and joins a se*ual group, where he discovers that all is not what it seems to be.

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Eyes Wide Shut, streaming on HBO Max.

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