“She was very shaken up and terrified”: Former Bond Girl Denise Richards in Horrific State After Violent Man Shot at Her Car, Threatened Her During Road Rage Incident

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Denise Richards is still in shock following a road rage incident that resulted in the shooting. The actress and her husband Aaron Phypers were fired at in Los Angeles, placing their lives in danger.

Denise Richards and Aaron Phyper
Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers

Richards and Phypers were reportedly traveling to Popsicle Studio in South Los Angeles, where she was filming for a forthcoming production, when the shooting occurred on Monday, November 14. Her husband was driving their Ford F-150 Shelby pick-up truck, and she was riding in the passenger seat.

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Denise Richards and her husband were caught in a violent road rage

Denise Richards is a model, actress, and TV personality from the United States. She is most recognized for her appearances in 1997’s Starship Troopers, 1998’s Wild Things, and as a Bond girl in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough and 2003’s Love Actually. She made her reality television debut in 2008 on the show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, which aired until 2009. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum and her husband, Aaron Phypers, were driving to a film and TV studio in a pickup truck when they paused to look for on-street parking. Phypers was apparently having difficulty finding the location, and the vehicle behind them was becoming upset, yelling at them while attempting to push in front of them. He let the other driver pass, but he wasn’t done. The other vehicle then fired a shot at their truck, striking the back end on the driver’s side.

Denise Richards
Denise Richards

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the pair made it to the studio. Denise Richards was allegedly weeping on set, but she remained professional and worked for 12 hours after getting her emotions under control. Aaron Phypers stayed at her side the entire time.


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When someone from production noticed the gunshot hole in the vehicle, they called 911. It’s unclear if officers arrived or took a complaint, but an off-duty cop on set led Richards and her husband back to the highway when she finished filming, and they arrived safely.

Denise Richards is shaken up after the incident

According to a source, Denise was “She was very shaken up and terrified, but she was a trooper and she went and filmed the whole day. She didn’t want to not show up to work.” the insider continues.

Denise Richards
Denise Richards

“Even though they were upset, [Denise] decided to stay and film. Her role was just a one-day deal,” the source continues. “The production company made her feel safe but they didn’t file a police report. They think now that people were after the car itself because it’s worth a lot of money.”

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Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident. The LAPD, which has jurisdiction at the studio, stated that there is no record of a report and that the event is not being investigated.


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