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“She wasn’t afraid to get wet, to get dirty”: Lee Miller’s Son Has Perfect Explanation Why Kate Winslet is Best Choice to Play His Mom in New Movie

"She wasn't afraid to get wet, to get dirty": Lee Miller's Son Has Perfect Explanation Why Kate Winslet is Best Choice to Play His Mom in New Movie

There are very few players who have a career as successful and mighty as Kate Winslet. Arguably one of the most decorated and dynamic English actresses who has been charming the audience with her versatile and authentic performances for more than three decades. Naturally, she would go on to work in some of the most iconic films of our generation such as Sense and Sensibility, Hamlet, Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and many more.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

While these are some of her most notable works, her most recent performance in Lee, the real-life story of Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller, a fashion model turned photographer for Vogue during World War II was so outstanding that it left Antony Penrose, the son of the historical figure in awe.

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Kate Winslet’s Outstanding Performance in Lee Leaves Antony Penrose in Awe

With 37 feature films to her name, she has worked with some of the most renowned filmmakers and actors in the industry. Time and again, she has been drawn to work in different genres of films that would feature a complex character, that challenges her acting range. This habit of hers had prepared her well for Lee but she did not play the iconic figure to evolve her acting range she was a fan of her work, and her contribution brought a female perspective to the news.

Kate Winslet as Elizabeth 'Lee' Miller
Kate Winslet as Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller

During an exclusive interview with Vogue, Kate Winslet shared how Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller lived life on her own terms, and in the paid a horrible price for it.

“Lee was a woman who lived her life on her terms and she paid a horrific emotional price for all of it. I wanted to tell the story of a flawed middle-​aged woman who went to war and documented it.”

In the same interview with Vogue, the interviewer mentioned how Antony Penrose’s 1985 book, The Lives of Lee Miller formed the foundation for the film, and Winslet was his dream actress to play the role.

Kate Winslet on the set of Lee
Kate Winslet on the set of Lee

“When I saw Kate all those years ago in Titanic, what I loved was that she wasn’t afraid to get wet, to get dirty, to fall in the water, to get roughed up. I thought she would make a fantastic Lee Miller.”

For the Titanic actress, bringing the role of Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller was a challenge in disguise, as she was more bent on showcasing Miller’s work rather than her celebrity side to the character. The actress stated how getting the character off the ground was the “most phenomenal fight” for her.

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Kate Winslet Paid For Lee’s Production Costs For Two Weeks

Kate Winslet gave a legendary performance as Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller, capturing the true horrors at the frontlines of World War II. However, her involvement in the film was more than giving a standing-ovation-worthy performance as she got involved in the creative aspects of the film.

Moreover, she helped the film financially, as she paid the crew’s salaries for two weeks during the shoot. In the same interview with Vogue, Kate Solomon praised Winslet and her commitment to the film.

“Kate held the film in her, If you spoke to her about any aspect of it, she knew what her opinion was. And when you have that, you can galvanize everyone behind that person. It looks effortless, but having lived with her, you can say: My God, it is a lot of work to get to that point.”

Kate Winslet in Lee
Kate Winslet in Lee

In a separate interview with IndieWire at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ellen Kuras praised the Oscar-winning actress stating that she was very much involved in the film, and doing extensive research for the success of the film.

“She was very involved in the film from A to Z. From all the research to us having extensive conversations about who we wanted to cast, talking about who could be in different roles.”

While this was not an easy assignment for Kate Winslet, she successfully did her job, as her performance in the film has been widely praised by the critics, and as a producer the cast members were perfect, who played their roles with immense dedication.

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Lee was released on September 9th at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Source: Vogue


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