EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ Details Revealed

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FandomWire sources have revealed information on Warner Bros‘ upcoming film Sherlock Holmes 3, specifically regarding the setting, characters, and plot.


Dexter Fletcher is directing the film and Chris Brancato is writing. Our sources told us that this third instalment centred around the famous detective is set in the United States, and will have a budget of over $100 million. You can read all about what we have learned about the movie’s characters below!

Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Who will be in ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’?

Robert Downey Jr. is in negotiations reprise his role as Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric detective currently presumed dead. Jude Law is also in negotiations to reprise his role as Dr. John Watson, Holmes’ companion and close friend. In the film, he is writing novels about Sherlock’s adventures.


Then there is Sidney Bloom, a 29-year-old crime reporter for the San Francisco Herald. She is actually an undercover agent for the US Marshals.

Senator Cornelius Guest is the antagonist, he is a 47-year-old American who is masterminding a theft of the nation’s gold. Sebastian Moran, played by Paul Anderson (who is attached to the project), is out for revenge on Watson, ordering a group of thugs to kill him.

Then there’s US Marshall Sutherland who is self-explanatory; Dr. Henri Montreaux, an intense doctor who is cruel to his patients, enjoying their pain; James Winter, a black man hired to kill Holmes and Watson; George Corbett, a rich man who is killed by his wife; O’Brien, a big Irish boxer; Gov. Bill Hadley, the Governor of Colorado; Major Cartwright, an aggressive and naive man; Dean Horace, a Mormon with 6 wives; Clemmie, the eldest of Horace’s wives; Connie Macguire, an Irish maid for the Corbett’s and George, the owner of a general store.


It sounds as though Sherlock and Watson will have a lot to deal with in this film, with various foes, a lengthy investigation that bleeds into American politics and, naturally, Holmes’ status as dead.

What do you want to see from Sherlock Holmes 3? What do you think of the characters listed here? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!


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