“She’s a movie star among TikTok dipshits”: Jennifer Aniston Claims ‘Real’ Hollywood is Dying, Fans Convinced FRIENDS Star Can’t Stand Early Stardom of GenZ Actors Through Social Media

“She’s a movie star among TikTok dipshits”: Jennifer Aniston Claims ‘Real’ Hollywood is Dying, Fans Convinced FRIENDS Star Can’t Stand Early Stardom of GenZ Actors Through Social Media
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Jennifer Aniston has been one of the most celebrated TV actresses. There’s no denying that she was at her peak during those F.R.I.E.N.D.S years. She did star in quite a few movies since then, but her stature and popularity never reached where it used to be. And now with Social Media outlets creating more and more “celebrities”, she claims that ‘Real’ Hollywood is dying as there are no “Movie Stars” anymore! Unfortunately for her, this has caught her under a lot of fan fire.


How Hollywood Has Changed

Jennifer Aniston – an Evergreen Beauty

There has been a massive paradigm shift in the entertainment industry. The competition hasn’t just risen with streaming services as content creators have taken to YouTube, TikTok, and several other outlets to become famous. At the end of the day, good entertainment sells in whatever way it gets provided. And that has allowed many talented people to break through the ranks and become household names. So in a way, Jennifer Aniston is right in her sentiment that the number of “Ture Movie Stars” has gone down massively.

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Jennifer Aniston Friends
Jennifer Aniston Friends

Anniston took part in an exclusive interview with Allure’s Danielle Pergament and the FRIENDS star was pretty hospitable the entire time. Pergament told one of her friends that she was interviewing Aniston, and he replied:

“One thought is this. No one’s ever going to be famous the way she is. That kind of mass-fame phenomenon burning so bright for so long, it’s just not achievable today. She’s like a silent-film star among a generation of TikTok dipshits.”

The journalist showed this text to the actress and her reply was quite interesting, to say the least. She said:

 “Whoa. Oh, that just gave me chills. I’m a little choked up. I feel like it’s dying. There are no more movie stars. There’s no more glamour. Even the Oscar parties used to be so fun….”

While she may have a point, the fans haven’t taken too lightly to this.


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The Fan Reactions To Aniston’s “Truth”

Jennifer Aniston

People have reacted to this in an interesting way though. While some people on Twitter shared her sentiment, others looked even further into the situation. Here are a few reactions to look at:


The reply:

This next one is quite funny!


The true interpretation of what Aniston said:


Hits below the belt…

This next thread though…


While Aniston hasn’t managed to be as successful as she was during FRIENDS, she did have a few good performances to give us. One underrated movie of hers is Office Space. And you’ve got to know that she wasn’t talking about herself. She meant movie stars in general. So, maybe we should cut her some slack, don’t you think?

Source: Allure


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