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“She’s almost like Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft”: Black Adam Star Sarah Shahi Talks About Her Character Isis/Adrianna in the Film

Black Adam Star Sarah Shahi Talks About Her Character Isis

Aahoo Jahansouzshahi, better known as Sarah Shahi, is going to have DC fans fawning over her this year in her portrayal of Isis/ Adrianna Tomaz in Black Adam. The Person of Interest star was cast in the movie back in October 2020, opposite to Dwayne Johnson who plays the titular character, and Pierce Brosnan who plays Doctor Fate.

Shahi’s also pretty excited about her role as Adrianna Tomaz. During a Q&A Session with Collider’s Rebecca Landman, Shahi spoke about the various aspects of her character Isis in Black Adam. The Dwayne Johnson-led movie is set to be DCEU’s 11th movie in its universe, ever since Man of Steel premiered back in 2013.

Black Adam FandomWire
Sarah Shahi in Person of Interest

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Black Adam’s Isis Sounds Great On Paper

Sarah Shahi will be portraying Adrianna Tomaz, the wife of the titular character of Black Adam, and is one of the most important Shazam! characters.

She’s also a damn strong character in her Isis form, which she got from powers gifted to her by the amulet of Isis. She possesses superhuman powers in almost all areas- strength, durability, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and she can even fly in her Isis form!

Black Adam FandomWire
Sarah Shahi(right), and Dwayne Johnson (left) in the Black Adam trailer

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But I guess it’s best to have Shahi, who will be playing the character in the movie, to give us a proper glimpse of what we’ll be getting. The 42-year-old actress spoke about Isis/Adrianna Tomaz in Collider’s most recent Q&A with the cast of Black Adam

“She’s sort of the leader of this some sort of resistance movement you know, there’s a big oppressive gang that’s coming after the country and then I’m in charge of defeating them or getting the, you know, the troops together to defeat them. And Black Adam, I’m super well aware of the mythology you know, she’s almost like an Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft kind of character…My character Adriana, she’s very excited by the fact that he’s there and…meets him with a lot of, you know, trepidation at the same time. But she, you know, she kind of becomes the Black Adam wrangler in a sense.”

A wrangler for The Rock’s character you say, is she implying that Theo Adam might be a bit nuts in the movie? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to see both Shahi and Johnson in the movie as soon as possible.

Dwayne Johnson Earns Praise From Sarah Shahi On Set Of Black Adam

Four of the actors of Black Adam, who attended the Q&A with Collider were in complete agreement about The Rock being an amazing person to work with.

Aldis Hodge plays Hawkman, Quintessa Swindell plays Cyclone, Sarah Shahi plays Adrianna Tomaz, and Mo Amer who plays Adrianna’s brother Karim were all delighted by Dwayne Johnson’s generosity and determination to make every cast member shine.

Black Adam FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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Shahi in particular was simply astonished to hear that Johnson had gone the extra mile to help record an intro for Mo Amer’s Netflix comedy special (which Amer says he didn’t even ask for). She explains how her conversation with Johnson about him recording the intro went down-

“I was like, “that was really, really sweet of you to do that. And, you know, why did you do that? Just curious.” And he was like, “you know, Sarah,” he was like, “I like Mo,” and he was like, “I want to like people, I want to see people win.” And it’s so true. And I feel like every single one of us was on the receiving end of that. And, you know, yeah, as a co star, as a producer, all of that stuff. He was very supportive.”

The Rock, according to what Shahi and the others say, seems to be a caring guy and a supportive person to work with, especially in an industry where every piece of work gets rushed and time is dire.

Black Adam will be having its theatrical release on October 21, 2022, in the United States.

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