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“She’s chasing after me, It was getting quite aggressive”: Florence Pugh Had a Real Physical Fight With Co-star Molly Shannon

"She’s chasing after me, It was getting quite aggressive": Florence Pugh Had a Real Physical Fight With Co-star Molly Shannon

Florence Pugh is one of the newest addition to the Hollywood industry, with only years of experience she has already starred in multiple blockbuster movies and franchises. She gained immense popularity at a very young age through social media and via her highly skilled acting she boosted her career to different heights.

Florence Pugh spent most of her time preparing for movies and scripts and though she is young and comparatively new to the game, it is agreeable that she has made some mistakes in her career. But it is quite unheard of that actors are throwing themselves or running after their co-stars, as this was the case for MCU star Florence Pugh and her co-star Molly Shannon in the movie A Good Person.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh

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Florence Pugh and Molly Shannon Had a Go on the Set

Florence Pugh has starred in many successful blockbuster movies and while she is quite young, she has affiliated herself with MCU, the multi-billion dollar franchise, and even has upcoming projects planned with them. The Midsommar actor starred as the lead female role in the movie A Good Person, which was released earlier this year and while promoting the movie, she went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the show, we got to learn some wild things about the actor and the things that happened on the set of the movie. The movie had Pugh as its lead and Morgan Freeman and Molly Shannon as the supporting leads.

Florence Pugh in A Good Person
Florence Pugh in A Good Person

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“We have this epic scene where we chase each other. Well, I run away from her, and she’s chasing after me, and it gets into quite a bit of a tussle, doing the scene, we had to pause because it was getting quite aggressive. Instead of us, like, maybe not fighting as hard, she [Shannon] was like, ‘Let’s put some pads on.'”

In the show, Florence Pugh revealed that while they were quite chill on set, she had quite fun acting alongside Molly Shannon. While the movie was very well scripted, it was slow-paced and meaningful. So for both female roles, where Florence Pugh and Molly Shannon play the role of daughter and mother respectively had to improvise on their own for their roles, which later on turned from running after each other to getting aggressive on the other. Though this part was done solely due to the improvement of their characters and the betterment of the movie.

A Good Person Was Run on Limited Screens

A Good Person starring Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, and Molly Shannon as its leads was released on a limited number of screens, 530 to be exact and director Zach Braff did an excellent job this time around bringing the script to fruition. Though the movie was available in very limited locations it had a very high rating and was also critically acclaimed as one of the best. Although the budget for the movie has not been made public, A Good Person rolled at the box office for a bit over $1.3 million after its release worldwide with over $1.2 million claimed domestically.


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Florence Pugh has an upcoming role in the movie Oppenheimer alongside star actors like Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Emily Blunt, and many others. The movie is highly expected by many as the movie is based on a team of scientists working on a project that leads to the invention of the atomic bomb. While the movie is already in its post-production stage, fans are heavily invested in the movie and are waiting eagerly for its release.

Oppenheimer will premiere on 21 July 2023.

A Good Person will be available on Hulu from 10 May 2023.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Youtube

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