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‘She’s in It’: Loki Voice Actor Tara Strong Confirms the Sinister Miss Minutes Returns for Another Mind-Bending Loki Season 2

Marvel’s Loki saw Tom Hiddleston paying for his crimes against time while hunted by the Time Variant Authority (TVA). Several of Loki’s variations were seen throughout the series and the people loved the different kinds of characters. One of these was the animated clock Miss Minutes. Being adored by millions, Miss Minuteswas the guide for Loki as well as us. So, it is obvious that she will be returning for S02 of this time-altering masterpiece.

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Miss Minutes as seen in Loki (2021).
Miss Minutes as seen in Loki (2021).

Miss Minutes to return for Loki S02?

Miss Minutes and Loki arguing in Loki (2021).
Miss Minutes and Loki arguing in Loki (2021).

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Loki was a brilliant series. And being nominated for 6 Emmys attest to the fact of the massive stature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the studio has achieved. Following a global favorite reception for the series, fans were delighted to see Tom Hiddleston reprise the role of the titular Norse god of mischief Loki Odinson. The fans were left confused however when the TVA decided to apprehend a literal god. That’s when Miss Minutes came to the rescue.

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Miss Minutes is created by He Who Remains to aid the people at TVA and it is the clock’s work to catch the criminal up to speed on what charges he must face before the trial begins. After introducing the TVA through the television screen, Miss Minutes became a constant companion to Loki and helped him during his time at the TVA.

Along with Loki, she was also helping us, the audience to keep track of what is going on. So it is an obvious conclusion that we will need the help of Miss Minutes in the next season as well (for Loki, of course).

Here’s what the Miss Minutes voice actor had to say

Tara Strong is the voice actor of Miss Minutes in Loki (2021).
Tara Strong is the voice actor of Miss Minutes in Loki (2021).

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Tara Strong voiced the animatronic clock in the first season of Loki. After announcing the second season at the reception of the first season’s success, here’s what Tara Strong had to say about the potential return of Miss Minutes.

In an interview with The PopVerse, Tara Strong said the following statement: “I haven’t yet, but a spoiler – she’s in it! I know that.” The statement comes as an answer when she was asked whether she had recorded any lines for the new season. Whatever the reason, we cannot imagine a series without Miss Minutes there to guide us.

Loki Season 2 will likely premiere in the summer of 2023 with the official date yet to be announced.

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