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“She’s kicking herself”: Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Christine Baumgartner Heavily Regrets Her Decision to Leave ‘Yellowstone’ Actor After Weeks of Drama

"She's kicking herself": Kevin Costner's Ex-Wife Christine Baumgartner Heavily Regrets Her Decision to Leave 'Yellowstone' Actor After Weeks of Drama

Kevin Costner seems to be having a setback both in his personal and professional life. The actor has been in the headlines recently due to his alleged feud with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. The actor’s return to the show is currently up in the air since he is also busy working on his dream project Horizon: An American Saga and its three sequels. The second part of the fifth season of Yellowstone is yet to be filmed and what will happen after, remains to be seen. Costner had recently released a set of rules that the crew of the series had to adhere to that also included a moral death clause.

Kevin Costner

Kevin CostnerCostner also recently separated from his wife of 19 years, Christine Baumgartner. Riddled with messy divorce proceedings, they have moved on from each other. But it seems Baumgartner is having second thoughts regarding her decision for divorce as circumstances regarding child support seem to have come in favor of her ex-husband.

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Christine Baumgartner Allegedly Regretting Her Divorce From Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner
Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner and his wife of 19 years Christine Baumgartner officially finalized their divorce on September 19, 2023. The judge ruled in favor of Costner on the issue of child support. Now it seems like Baumgartner is regretting her decision of taking the drastic step of divorcing her husband, as she had been feeding on his fortune for years. An insider told RadarOnline

“Christine had run out of options. She was getting beaten at every turn. She’s kicking herself for forcing Kevin to agree to a divorce when she was living the high life with unlimited funds at her disposal, and everything paid for by her husband. She’s got to be asking herself: What was I thinking? She must know she blew it royally — and there’s no going back. Now she’s acting the part of a poor little rich girl and whining to her friends she’ll have to get a job — even after the substantial payout she received”

It remains to be seen whether Baumgartner tries to get back with Costner realizing the mistake that she has made. On the other side, Costner is relieved of the problems and roadblocks brought by his messy divorce and can now focus his attention on his career.

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Kevin Costner Left Yellowstone Due to Major Creative Differences With the Creators

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone
Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

Kevin Costner recently addressed his decision to leave Yellowstone after the fifth season. He said that crucial and difficult negotiations about splitting season 5 into two parts, and his desire to focus more on his dream project Horizon: An American Saga, led him to depart from the series. It seems the creators wanted to pay less money for a potential sixth season. Costner told People,

“I couldn’t help them any more. We tried to negotiate, they offered me less money than previous seasons. Have them pay me whatever number, we came up with a number, and they [Yellowstone] walked away. I’ve been told it’s a little disappointing that [it’s] the #1 show on TV, I’m not participating”

The creators have since announced that they are moving on from Costner and rebooting the series with a new cast, to be led by Matthew McConaughey. Fans can still catch up on the five seasons of Yellowstone on Paramount+.

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