“She’s Meryl reborn”: Ryan Gosling Had the Highest Praise For 4-Times Oscar-Nominated Actress, Claimed She’s “like someone from the Golden Age” of Hollywood

Ryan Gosling Had the Highest Praise For 4-Times Oscar-Nominated Actress, Claimed She’s “like someone from the Golden Age” of Hollywood

Ryan Gosling made headlines when he taught the whole world the correct pronunciation of Saoirse Ronan at the Hollywood Film Awards. Both the fans as well as the Irish actress have immense love and respect for the La La Land actor. Ronan worked with Gosling in his directorial debut Lost River and he has been vocal about his admiration for the 29-year-old actress.

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Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling with Saoirse Ronan

Ryan Gosling is one of the most popular and fan-favorite actors in the industry. He is known for delivering some of the best critical and commercial hits, with his recent release Barbie being a billion-dollar blockbuster.


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Ryan Gosling praised Saoirse Ronan as Meryl Streep 2.0

Ryan Gosling was almost about to star alongside Saoirse Ronan in the 2019 supernatural thriller The Lovely Bones. However, he was fired by the director due to certain reasons and Gosling had to wait for his collaboration with the Ammonite actress until he directed Lost River with Saoirse Ronan in a major role.

Saoirse Ronan
Saoirse Ronan in Lady Bird

Looking at the career graph of Saoirse Ronan, it can’t be denied that the actress has had a lovely time in the industry till now. The young actress has won 4 Oscar nominations for Atonement, Brooklyn, Lady Bird, and Little Women. Interestingly, she was also considered for the role of Scarlet Witch in the MCU which eventually went to Elizabeth Olsen.

In an interview with The Irish Sun, Ryan Gosling called Ronan a ‘genius’ and a ‘better actor’. He even went on to compare the young actress with Meryl Streep, who has a record 21 Oscar nominations, including 3 wins.


“She’s a genius. She’s a master. She made me a better actor, I think any actor she works with, there’s an elevation in their abilities, upping their game. I felt like I was working with a master, like someone from the Golden Age. Someone superior to my skills as an actor in every way. She’s Meryl reborn. Well actually, she’s Saoirse, that name has the same recognition like Meryl (Streep) for being the best. Because she is the best.”

The Blade Runner 2049 actor also wished to work with The Grand Budapest Hotel actress again if he gets a chance. But Saoirse Ronan didn’t stay silent as well and also came forward to praise Ryan Gosling publicly in her interview.

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What did Saoirse Ronan say about Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling with the cast of Lost River 

It is said that Ryan Gosling is the main reason everybody learned the correct pronunciation of Saoirse Ronan. The latter made sure to acknowledge this in an interview with People (via Vanity Fair) where she said:

“Someone sent me a photo two weeks later of a cinema in Minnesota, and on the sign in the front it said Brooklyn, and then underneath it said, ‘Ser-sha, Like Inertia’. I couldn’t believe it! They actually put it on the front of the cinema, so the power of Ryan Gosling is stronger than anything else. He’s like, Jesus or something, like a blond Canadian Jesus”
Now it will be exciting to watch if the Lost River collaborators join hands once again in an upcoming project. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling is busy working in The Fall Guy alongside Emily Blunt as well as a prequel to the Ocean’s franchise alongside Margot Robbie. On the other hand, even Saoirse Ronan is busy with a handful of projects which makes it unlikely for the duo to reunite soon.

Source: The Irish Sun / Vanity Fair






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