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“She’s not a female action star”: Hollywood Producer on Angelina Jolie Earning $20 Million For ‘Salt’ By Becoming the First Actress to Become an Action Star

"She's not a female action star": Hollywood Producer on Angelina Jolie Earning $20 Million For 'Salt' By Becoming the First Actress to Become an Action Star

Angelina Jolie has been part of the Hollywood industry for a long time and is currently one of the biggest and highest-paid actresses. She has some of the most iconic roles in her roster including Thena from Eternals. Her talent has been appreciated throughout the industry and has contributed to making her the actress that she is now.

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Angelina Jolie in Salt

There have been roles that she was offered that she turned down. One of these roles included being a Bond girl. She made a name for herself and had a clear vision of the kind of roles she wanted to play. Unfortunately, being a Bond girl was not on her bucket list. Ironically, becoming James Bond was on her list and she seemed to have achieved that in some way as well.

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Angelina Jolie Did Not Want To Be A Bond Girl

2006’s Casino Royale saw Daniel Craig’s James Bond take on spy gear. Many actors had to leave disappointed as they were all looking forward to the part. A similar case was ongoing for the role of Vesper Lynd. Actresses were lining up to become the next Bond girl. However, Angelina Jolie was straight-up offered the role and did not even have to give audition for it.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

“I got very angry when people kept asking me, ‘What’s it feel like to be a Bond girl?’ As if I was soup.”

Jolie had other plans. She rejected the role immediately and instead offered to play James Bond. She was far from interested in playing the Bond girl. The role ultimately went to Eva Green. She brought to life a character whom she found extremely interesting. However, she ultimately found herself detaching from her character the more she got asked questions about it.

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Angelina Jolie Got To Be In Salt Because Of Casino Royale

Angelina Jolie was able to grab the role of Evelyn Salt only because of her wish to become James Bond. Her talk with director Martin Campbell inspired them to change the role of Edward Salt to Evelyn Salt and their first choice went from Tom Cruise to Jolie.

Angelina Jolie talks about her celebrity crush
Angelina Jolie talks about her celebrity crush

“It started with a call from Amy [Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures],” she recounted in a 2010 interview with Vanity Fair. “She asked if I wanted to play a Bond girl. I said, ‘No, I’m not comfortable with that, but I would like to play Bond.'”

Cruise initially refused to be a part of the movie because of the similarities it had with Mission: Impossible. Once the actress took on the role. Massive changes were made to the character both physically and in the script to accommodate a woman leading rather than a man.

“She’s not a female action star; she’s an action star. She’s really the first female to transcend gender. I don’t think it’s occurred before.”

Jolie went on to become not only the first female action star but also revised what it meant to be a leading hero. She became the face of female action heroes and directed a new set of ideas for action stars.

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