“She’s terrific” – Aquaman 2 Star Dolph Lundgren Praises Amber Heard’s On Set Behaviour

As their legal war in Virginia ramps up in front of the public’s eyes, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been generating a lot of headlines recently. The approaching decision has the potential to have a significant impact on both actors’ careers, as Heard spoke during the trial about her challenges to keep portraying Mera in the DCEU. Dolph Lundgren, who co-starred with Amber Heard in Aquaman 2, has now spoken up about what it was like to work with her on the sequel.

Amber Heard in Aquaman 2
Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Dolph Lundgren had nothing but praise for Amber Heard’s performance in the upcoming “Aquaman” sequel, called “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.” As per Lundgren, Heard was almost replaced on the “Aquaman” sequel, and her position in the picture was drastically reduced as a result of the recent Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial, but she stayed in good spirits on the set.

Dolph Lundgren praises Amber Heard’s behavior

Aquaman 2 Star Dolph Lundgren Praises Amber Heard’s On Set Behaviour
Dolph Lundgren

According to a recent report from TMZ, Lundgren says he had a great time shooting sequences with Heard for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Lundgren recalls having a “positive time” with Heard, who was “nice to everybody” and “down to earth,” according to him.

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“She was great. I worked with her on the first Aquaman, now the second one. We shot last fall in London. She’s terrific, I had a great experience with her. She was very kind, nice to the crew, nice to everybody, just down to earth. She had her newborn baby with her on set with the nanny which was kind of cute.”

Despite the fact that both Depp and Heard have been in the public eye for weeks as a result of their highly publicized trial, Heard in particular has received a lot of abuse on social media. Fans have been demanding that the actor be withdrawn from the Aquaman sequel since 2020, with one petition recently reaching 4.4 million signatures. Regardless of fan response, Lundgren’s comments confirm that Heard was a true professional on set and a joy to work with, at least in his experience.

Dolph Lundgren, Amber Heard, and Jason Momoa - Aquaman 2 Star Dolph Lundgren Praises Amber Heard’s On Set Behaviour
Dolph Lundgren, Amber Heard, and Jason Momoa

It’s unclear what Heard’s part in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be, but Lundgren’s comments suggest that the on-screen father and daughter combination has recorded sequences together. Of course, those moments may or may not make it into the final edit of the film, but the first Aquaman did leave the door open for a sequel to further explore both characters. Long fans will have to wait a while to see what happens next for King Nereus and Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it’s evident that working with Heard was a great experience for Lundgren.

Source – TMZ

Written by Varshit Sharma

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