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“She’s too old to date him”: Zendaya Was Left Embarrassed After Emmy Host Claimed She Can Never Date Leonardo DiCaprio Despite Being Together With Spider-Man Star Tom Holland

“She’s too old to date him”: Zendaya Was Left Embarrassed After Emmy Host Claimed She Can Never Date Leonardo DiCaprio Despite Being Together With Spider-Man Star Tom Holland

This past year has been the butt of many taunts and jokes but one of the most contentious and confusing ones has been about Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating choices. Ranging from being associated with high-profile celebrity figures like Gigi Hadid to more subtly famous supermodels, the Titanic actor has been a raging topic on the internet for the netizens who have been anything but merciful while trolling DiCaprio.

Allegedly, as the rule goes, the Shutter Island actor doesn’t date anyone above the age of 25. As can be expected, the Emmys then became a playground for a much-awaited taunt delivered directly from Kenan Thompson, the host himself, that served to effectively humiliate DiCaprio for this supposed ‘atrocity’.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Law Goes Official at the Emmys

The award shows have always been a treat and a feast. If there was ever a scandal waiting to happen, one need only look to the stages that host the glittering who’s who of Hollywood celebrities. At the 2022 Emmys, the scandal (which was more comical than salacious) centered around a running joke that the internet has long been fascinated with. And it involves two of the most celebrated celebrities of our time: the unanimously loved and respected Leonardo DiCaprio and Zendaya.

Zendaya at the 2023 Primetime Emmy
Zendaya at the 2022 Primetime Emmy

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As is the case with most ceremonies, the host’s monologue went as per routine until the crowd melted into pools of giggles and laughter, usually at a joke made at the expense of an actor. In this case, Kenan Thompson decidedly used a well-timed and popularly discussed subject involving Leonardo DiCaprio and his alleged below-25 dating rule. The host claimed:

“Zendaya just turned 26. 26 is a weird age in Hollywood. Young enough to play a high school student, but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Even as Zendaya hid her face and the rest of the crowd laughed, for many, the joke causes more offense than serves to be a comedic relief. Posts that microscopically scrutinize DiCaprio’s dating habit have comment sections filled with a concerned yet divided crowd that on one hand believes that the actor should be allowed to date who he chooses (granted his partner is above the legal age), and on the other hand, there are those that contest that logic vehemently stating the legal age of 18 is still too young for someone to make an informed decision.

Leonardo DiCaprio: A Brief Dating Chronology

Leonardo DiCaprio with Camila Morrone
Leonardo DiCaprio with Camila Morrone

The Oscar-winning actor has recently been in the news for breaking up with Camila Morrone, his partner of 4 years. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Morrone had once claimed,

“There are so many relationships in Hollywood—and in the history of the world—where people have large age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date.”

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Ironically, the pair split soon after the model/actress turned 25, thus keeping the incessant rumors of DiCaprio’s weird dating age rule alive. Over the span of 20 years prior to Camila Morrone, DiCaprio has been associated with Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Blake Lively, Rihanna (unconfirmed), and numerous Victoria’s Secret supermodels.

Source: 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards

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