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Short And Sweet: 15 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Are Really Short

Short And Sweet 15 Celebrities You Didnt Realize Are Really Short

Height should never hold you back from earning success if you have the determination. While camera angles play a major role, some of the most renowned faces of showbiz aren’t as tall as they appear to be. Take a look at the height of 15 celebs who are surprisingly very short!

Daniel Radcliffe

1 18

It’s not easy to tell but our all-time favorite Harry Potter star is one of the shortest male stars in showbiz. Daniel is 5’5″ ft tall.

Tom Cruise

2 14

Tom Cruise never let his height be a barrier to the praiseworthy performance that he delivers in movies. The Mission: Impossible star is 5’7″ ft tall but still manages to steal attention on-screen every time he shows up.

Bruno Mars

3 20

Even when tall supermodels walked past him, Bruno Mars managed to steal the spotlight at Victoria’s Secret fashion show. He might be 5’5″ in height but he can hit notes really high!

Scarlett Johannson

4 19

She’s the highest-paid and the most successful actress in Hollywood. Scarlett Johannson is barely 5’3 ft tall but still manages to turn all cameras to her face every time she makes an on-screen appearance.

James McAvoy

5 17

Most easily recognized for his role of Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men series, when James McAvoy takes the up the stage, you cannot help but ignore his 5’7″ ft height due to his powerful acting.

Emilia Clarke

6 17

Emilia Clarke is a living example of the fact that short height cannot limit someone to only adorable roles. More than a drawback, Emilia’s 5’2″ ft height has proven to be a boon for her.

Elijah Woods

7 16

Did you know that your very own Frodo Baggins is just 5’6″ ft tall? Despite his short figure, you cannot take him for granted in the challenging roles that he takes up.

Kristen Bell

8 1

Camera angles can do wonders. Who would believe that The Good Place actor Kristen Bell is just 5’1″ ft tall? Her height has never gotten in the way of her success.

Reese Witherspoon

9 18

Another 5’1″ ft actor on our list is Reese Witherspoon. The Legally Blonde actress is a recipient of an Academy Award and is also one of the most powerful personalities of Hollywood.

Maisie Willaims

10 17

The 23-years-old actress who rose to fame for playing Arya Stark in Game of Thrones stands at just 5″ ft.

Nick Jonas

11 11

One-third of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas stands at 5’7″ ft while his wife Priyanka measures just under 5’6″.

Jada Pinkett Smith

12 12

At 5″ ft, Jada Pinkett Smith is more than a foot shorter than her husband and Hollywood icon Will Smith. Pinkett Smith will soon be seen returning to her iconic role of Niobe in The Matrix: Resurrections.

Kourtney Kardashian

13 11

Out of all the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian is the shortest at just 5″ feet tall. Next in line is her sister Kim who’s only three inches taller.

Eva Longoria

14 11

Eva Longoria looks like a dwarf in this picture next to Joel McHale. Eva, who’s most recognized for her role of Gabrielle “Gaby” Solis in Desperate Housewives stands at 5’2″ ft only.

Jack Black

15 8

While Jack Black isn’t known in showbiz for his stature, one might be surprised to learn that this funny man is a mere 5’6”.


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Written by Muneer

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