Should Zack Snyder Direct A Marvel Movie? What MCU Projects Would Suit Him The Best?

Should Zack Snyder Direct A Marvel Movie
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Justice League director and DC Extended Universe founder Zack Snyder is known for his grounded and dark style of storytelling, but will it benefit him and the rest of the fandom if he ever directs a Marvel film?

Zack Snyder DCEU
Justice League director Zack Snyder

Snyder kick-started the DCEU back in 2013 with Man of Steel. A five-movie plan was slated for the coming years, but unfortunately, only three were brought to the screens. It would have made a massive difference in the fate of the franchise, but since no one has any idea of what the director’s original plans were, fans can only speculate.

Will Zack Snyder’s Directorial Style Work On MCU Films?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in 2008 when the Iron Man film was released without any expectations or vision of what was about to unfold, i.e. the birth of the MCU.

The-Avengers 1
Marvel Studios’ The Avengers

Marvel movies have distinct styles, and one can clearly see that MCU delights in lighthearted and comical scenes. DCEU, on the other hand, delves into the heart of the matter. Not to say that MCU only focuses on puns and witty one-liners as it has also tackled many significant issues such as the case in Black Panther and Captain America: Civil War. Snyder’s affinity for dark storytelling and serious tones would make a noticeable difference in the MCU.

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Interestingly, the director has been approached to work on several Marvel films, yet all of them were left unmade. Most of these were under the X-Men franchise, specifically the R-rated Wolverine solo movie and X-Men: The Last Stand. These titles would actually suit Snyder’s creative style, and his vision would have benefitted them. His penchant for chaotic stories and tragic endings might have created a better version of the Wolverine film.


Which MCU Movies Could Zack Snyder Have Worked On?

Depending on several factors, a Zack Snyder-directed MCU movie would be a sight to behold. His artistic flair and a keen eye for details will make a more grounded storyline. But given that MCU movies are still under the approval of Marvel executives, there is but limited creative freedom for him.

There are actually many MCU films that would work with a touch of Zack Snyder’s directorial style. Phase 1 was indeed a great playground for the director to experiment on. Movies such as Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor would most likely benefit from the director’s fondness for visual flair and somber storytelling.

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Will There Be A Snyder-Directed MCU Film In The Future?

Justice League Zack Snyder
DC’s Justice League

Only time can tell if Snyder considers joining the MCU family. With the events that befell after Justice League, the director is now focusing more on independent movies. Here, he could have more freedom to creatively express himself without the studio intervening.

The return of the DCEU franchise is something that many fans are praying for, but because of the circumstances that planned films are either not materializing or get canceled midway, even a Snyder Marvel film becomes wishful thinking.

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