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Will We See Pyramid Head’s Origin Story in the Silent Hill 2 Remake?

The iconic antagonist may get a playable perspective.

Will We See Pyramid Head's Origin Story in the Silent Hill 2 Remake?


  • The upcoming Silent Hill 2 will likely feature a playable story from the point of view of Pyramid Head.
  • Canada's Best Buy website gave out this information based on the game's product page.
  • This may be similar to or related to the Born from a Wish bonus content from the original game.

The Silent Hill 2 remake is in the works by Bloober Team, and fans are speculating a slight change in narrative. Apparently, this time around, players may have the chance to play the origin story of the infamous Pyramid Head.

During a showcase in October 2022, Konami announced that the popular game would be getting a remake. Ever since, little information has been shared regarding the game, and players have their own theories about possible changes and additions to the original storyline.

Silent Hill 2’s Product Page Reveals Important Information

The Silent Hill 2 remake will bring back familiar stories in a new light.
The Silent Hill 2 remake will bring back familiar stories in a new light.

Note: minor spoilers for Silent Hill 2‘s storyline.

On the Best Buy website, Silent Hill 2‘s product description included some details that have players thinking about possible detours and additions to the game’s story. In the list of selling points for the games, there was one in particular that grabbed our attention:

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Fan favourite character, Pyramid Head, makes a return along with a special origin story for fans to play through

Well, it seems that we will be getting a more personal look at Pyramid Head’s origin story, playing as the character, and understanding what leads to the antagonist’s violent and creepy endeavours through the campaign.

A Reddit discussion around the same has been circulating many comments, one of which raises an interesting possibility about the character’s origin story and its purpose. User commander_snuggles commented:

At best, this is a redo of born from a wish.

At worst its because he is by far the most popular monster in the series, and if the remake goes well, they will just keep bringing him back like they did in homecoming.

It makes sense, after all, that Pyramid Head is nothing but a powerful manifestation of the protagonist’s wrongdoings in the game. Still, playing as a different character in a familiar story is a welcome experience for many, especially if it lets us dive deeper into the game’s world.


This is quite reminiscent of a DLC or expansion pack for a game where we explore the same world but from a newer storytelling point of view.

Pyramid Head’s Infamous Presence in Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head is an iconic and instantly recognizable character from Silent Hill 2.
Pyramid Head is an iconic and instantly recognizable character from Silent Hill 2.

First appearing in 2001, Pyramid Head was the concept and design of artist Masahiro Ito. Popular understanding suggests that the antagonist is our protagonist’s (James Sunderland) manifestation. James’ troubled psyche often leads him to visualize his own self in the form of dreadful monsters, especially after learning about his wife’s terminal illness. Throughout the campaign, Pyramid Head is marked as a symbol of violence and terror, going through anything that stands in his way.

Even though Silent Hill 2 was revealed a year ago, there’s no official release date for the game. However, based on multiple speculations, leaks, rumors, and even voice actors being involved in discussions, the game will likely arrive around March 2024. Again, these are simply rumors and nothing official from Konami. We’ll have to be patient and wait for an official word from the developer or publisher before we hear more.

Silent Hill 2’s eerie atmosphere carefully explores a journey that is reflective of someone going through different kinds of trauma at once. In this context, James is someone who is braving the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife. It tells him that she’s waiting for him in the town, and thus follows a series of events with twisted monsters and darker secrets.

Pyramid Head, among many others, challenges the player’s perspective with regard to James’ state of mind throughout the game. In the bonus content, Born from a Wish, players then take on the role of someone called Maria after she meets James. The overarching narrative drives Silent Hill 2’s story as a memorable experience.

With the remake, we’ll likely see an even bigger picture, given the presence of yet another playable story.

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