The Environment of Resident Evil 4 Remake and the Character Models of Early PS3, Silent Hill 2 Transmission Did Nothing to Dispel Worries and Criticisms After PlayStation’s State of Play

Silent Hill 2 seems to be getting too many things wrong.

Leon S kennedy and Silent Hill 2


  • Silent Hill 2 was a remake that fans were excited about when it was announced.
  • However, fans later grew skeptical of the upcoming title for various reasons.
  • Now that the 13-minute gameplay trailer has been revealed, fans are criticizing the title even more.
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Silent Hill 2 was probably one of the most popular upcoming games that got a spot in the 2024 PlayStation State of Play Showcase lineup. The game will be a remake of arguably the best entry in one of the most iconic horror video game series ever.


Despite fans being excited about the title, they were initially skeptical of the game right from the first teaser trailer shared a year ago. However, the gameplay trailer revealed at Sony’s Showcase has given gamers even more things to worry about and criticize about the upcoming title.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Looks More Like Resident Evil 4, As per Fans

Silent Hill 2 definitely looks very similar to the recent Resident Evil 4 remake.
Silent Hill 2 looks very similar to the recent Resident Evil 4 remake.

Silent Hill 2 hasn’t seen much praise from fans, especially the ones who have played the original title. This was the case during the January 2024 reveal, which was a brief one-and-a-half-minute glance into the gameplay for the title. However, the recent showcase on May 31 had thirteen minutes of gameplay footage, and fans are even more concerned than before.


Per fans, there are a lot of things that feel off about the game. For example, many fans expressed that from the trailer, it seemed like the game’s environment wasn’t consistent with the original, and instead, it felt like Resident Evil 4. This is what some fans had to say on the game’s trailer.


Some other fans were not particularly impressed with the game’s visuals too. In fact, per some fans, it looked like a PlayStation 3 game.

Some players were even dissatisfied with the game’s character models the design approach taken by Bloober, the game’s developer.


While the game is most certainly not completed, as the release date in October is still several months away. But it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that the game’s reveal was a lot more underwhelming than people were expecting it to be.

Silent Hill 2 Feels Inauthentic and Not Faithful to the Original


Fans are disliking the game's visuals too, will the game be able to improve upon all the complaints before launch?
Fans are disliking the game’s visuals too, will the game be able to improve upon all the complaints before launch?

Silent Hill 2 raised many questions with its ESRB ratings because the game allegedly includes vulgar themes, too. While the original game had tonnes of gore and disturbing visuals, the game didn’t include any sexual themes, which the remake does.

That was the first time gamers felt something was off about the remake and that it would have difficulty being faithful to the original. While this was something that even the Resident Evil remakes had to face to an extent, they were mostly considered authentic.

What’s worse regarding the criticism that the game is getting currently is that Konami stated earlier that the game is ready, but the studio is taking time to release it. And if that is legitimate, the game’s current state might be similar to the final product.


All of this makes gamers, especially the ones who played the original, skeptical about the game. What do you think of the upcoming game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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