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3 Similarities Between Pitch Perfect And High School Musical (& 3 Differences)

There is something about music and movies that go together. This is why fans love seeing musical-themed flicks such as Pitch Perfect and High School Musical. Both are fun, entertaining, and have a re-watch value that fans of all ages love.

Because of their popularity, many tried to follow their steps and mimic their style. But, of course, nothing beats originals, especially when they have already established themselves as iconic films of their times. There are actually a lot of similarities as well as differences between Pitch Perfect and High School Musical:

Similar: Both Are Musical Movies

Pitch Perfect-1

Music is the lifeline of both films, and they all center on theatrical singing. Pitch Perfect focuses on the Barden Bellas’ journey into creating a name in the collegiate acapella championship. Meanwhile, High School Musical uses songs to relay different stories of the six main characters. In the end, both films thrive on music and lyrics.

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Different: Characters’ Ages

High School Musical

As the title suggests, High School Musical is about the lives of high school students attending East High. On the other hand, the characters from Pitch Perfect go to Barden University, the school which lead actress Anna Kendrick wished to attend in real life.

The difference in the characters’ ages denotes a diversity of interests. Note that in Pitch Perfect, everyone is focused on acapella singing. In High School Musical, some of the main characters prioritize science clubs, and sports, among others.


Similar: Unforgettable Audition Scenes

Pitch Perfect 2

Auditions can be really daunting, especially if you are not prepared. In both films, the auditions are a crucial part of the plot because it sets the expectations of the audience. What kind of singing style they are expecting and who will be part of it are some of the questions in mind.

High School Musical auditions were more of a school theater club performance, while in Pitch Perfect, they have to find the suitable members for the band. Each had an unforgettable audition scene that their pieces were included in the soundtracks.

Different: Time Period

High School Musical-1

Both movies were released in different eras with a different generation of fans. High School Musical came out in 2006 while Pitch Perfect premiered in 2017. The time difference signifies a major relevance to how each of them presented their stories and the music they used. It also determines the age range of their fans.

Similar: Both Are Trilogies


Everyone loves trilogies because there’s the certainty that we get a good ending to a story we have enjoyed over the years. Because of the success of each movie, both were granted a trilogy contract. Not only that we got to see these characters extend their stories, but also, enjoy more of their songs.

Different: Impact On Pop Culture


To be fair, both movie series became a cultural reset on different timeframes. But, we have to give credit to High School Musical. It established itself as the iconic teenage musical movie that a lot of the older generations grew up watching. Younger audience enjoyed Pitch Perfect more.


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