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Sindel Trailer Breakdown ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

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The day has finally come. Netherrealm Studios released the gameplay trailer for their newest DLC character Sindel. Scheduled for early access on November 26th, we now get 12 days to brood over how she appears in-game.

Sindel’s intro and default skin

The intro shown has her perform a sort of face reveal by means of lifting the veil from her hair which is kind of cool. It’s nothing flashy like the Terminators “Guns n’ Johnny’s” intro but it still gets the character’s persona across.

Her default skin looks very good. It has all the elements you’d expect out of Sindel, from the purple coloration to the black that covers the middle of her hair. They even gave her a stance that pays tribute to her early 2D era self.

The other appearance we’re shown is a more human look, given the default is her as a revenant. It is also worth noting that her voice is actually menacing, and I for one am happy with how she sounds. Now that the aesthetics have been addressed, what of her gameplay, is it any good?

Sindel’s gameplay

Well, one thing that will be made clear from the outset is her naginata from Mortal Kombat Deception is back. Sindel appears to utilise it in attack strings, throws, and even her fatal blow.

She also still uses her hair as a weapon, though this time around it’s not just limited to a special move. It is shown being used in attack strings, special moves, throws, fatalities, and her fatal blow.

As for her other main shtick, her screams, those have also been vamped up. She has a huge range of projectiles that hit high and low, she can also use them in mid-air and even has attacks utilising her voice.

One notable new thing she has access to is some kind of banshee/ghost ability that gives a few new moves. It seems to power up Sindel’s main scream combo starter much like Black Canary from Injustice 2. However, this banshee can also be sent out like a projectile and Sindel can teleport to its location.

One last addition Sindel has been given is the ability to levitate, and while she has been able to do that for a while, she can now attack whilst doing so. It’s very akin to Ermac’s spectral variation from MKX and she even has combo starters that start from this levitation.

mortal kombat 11 sindel gameplay fatality 0

Sindel’s unique moves

Finally, let’s look at her other unique moves, starting with the krushing blows that were shown. In the trailer, we are shown 3. Sindel appears to be one of the few characters who has a krushing blow on both throws so that is something to watch out for online.

The 3rd one shown was a combo string that resulted in a “buns of steel” krushing blow, much like her daughter Kitana does with her square wave. Sindel’s fatal blow is pretty good as well. She utilises her naginata, her hair, and even her heels for a properly brutal effect.

The fatality that was shown was like a vamped up version of her MK9 fatalities. What I mean by that is in MK9, both fatalities involved screaming her opponents head apart in slightly different ways.

Her MK11 version includes using her hair to hold the opponent in place while she screams their entire body apart. This is a nice way to showcase better tech and give a sort of 1-up on what they could do before.

Finally, we’ll talk about her outro we were shown. Overall, it’s simple but conveys the character well as Sindel does a little dance and screams into the camera which looks pretty neat.

To wrap things up…

In conclusion, based on the short 2-minute trailer, Sindel looks like a lot of fun. There’s enough of the classic moves for long time mains to feel comfortable jumping back into their character.

There are also some nice new additions that should give her a more fresh take and possibly encourage others to try her as a new main.

Sindel is available for early access on November 26th and then becomes available for everyone else on December 3rd.

Coming with Sindel ins the Gothic Horror skin pack which are Halloween themed skins for Raiden, Geras, and Cetrion. Additionally, there’s a classic Cassie Cage skin that will be available as well.

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What do you think of the Sindel trailer, does she live up to expectations or was she disappointing? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for a character gameplay review when she’s been released.

Written by Maxwell Mantik

Maxwell Mantik was born in Calgary Alberta and currently lives in a hamlet about half an hour outside the city. A graduate of SAIT Polytechnic, he’s been writing for fun for over 7 years (mostly script and novel themed). His voice acting worked has been featured in films at the Vancouver film festival, and has worked on 7 short films. His interests include superheros, sci-fi, fantasy, acting, writing, hockey, and shooting guns (because he likes to think he’s edgy).

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