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‘I’m Naturally Blonde’: Billie Eilish on Why She Stopped Dying Her Hair in Crazy Colors, Claims her Normal Hair Color Makes it ‘Easier’ to Face the World

American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish is well-versed in fashion trends, usually known for her streetwear-inspired looks, but the one element about these looks that have always stolen the spotlight remains her hair. Often seen adorned with crazy colors that range from neon green to bright, vibrant teal to silver lavender — the internet has been a witness to them all. 

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish in the 2020 GRAMMY Awards

The singer who has been honored with several awards has said she thinks she might be naturally blonde, hinting at this with a slight confusion on her part. In a recent Vogue Post-Show Beauty Routine video, she says: 

“I haven’t had natural hair in a long time, but I think I’m naturally blonde.”

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Billie Eilish on “Normal Hair Color”

In a video released by Entertainment Weekly, Billie Eilish says that normal hair colors make it easier for her to face the world. In the video, she proceeded to say that she resonates the most with her current black hair as it became one of her favorite looks. She also remarked how during her era of having neon-green as iconic hair color, she “couldn’t do sh*t.” 

According to the Vogue beauty routine video, the singer has changed her hair color many times, since the age of 10. The hair color that happened to be her first pick was blue. At the age of 13 was when she took a leap of faith and bleached her hair to a shade of white. The singer commented, “I had white hair for years.”

billie eilish with blue hair
Billie Eilish with her iconic blue hair

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Billie Eilish says goodbye to “Crazy Hair Colors”

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish in Gucci at Met Gala 2022

For the time being, the singer of Happier Than Ever is definitely happier than ever without crazy, quirky hair colors. According to past statements, it took the singer six weeks last year to transform her hair from black with neon-green streaks to bright blonde. Frequent coloring of hair may cause hair follicles unnecessary stress. For now, the singer seems to be content with her black hair. What hair look the future holds for Billie remains a mystery for now.

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You can watch Billie’s Vogue video here:

When it comes to the singer’s latest activities, she was last seen with her brother Finneas at Glastonbury.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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