Skydiving on a Hot Air Balloon With No Safety in $16M Movie & 6 Other Deadly Jackie Chan Stunts That Prove Tom Cruise Can Never Be Him

Skydiving on a Hot Air Balloon With No Safety in $16M Movie & 6 Other Deadly Jackie Chan Stunts That Prove Tom Cruise Can Never Be Him

Jackie Chan is a Chinese megastar, actor, stuntman, and director, who is a prestigious name in the entertainment industry. He rose to fame with exceptional stunts, action scenes, and entertaining humor. The actor is one of the most prominent action stars in Hollywood and Asia. He is known for introducing Kungfu in the Hollywood cinema and over a long and fruitful career, he has given numerous action hit films like Rush Hour, Police Story, Karate Kid, and more.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Chan is a global name, who has made a massive impact on the genre of action cinema and is considered an action film legend.  

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Jackie Chan’s Most Deadly Stunts

Over the last five decades, the actor has worked hard to master his art with his blood, sweat, and broken bones. He has performed some of the most dangerous stunts before the era of safety harnesses and stunt doubles. Here is a glimpse into some of his best stunts to date.

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1. Skydive on a Hot Air Balloon 

The movie Armour Of God was released in 1986, in which there was a hot air balloon sequence. In the stunt, Chan jumped off a cliff and lands on top of a hot air balloon. Then slide down the balloon’s ropes into the balloon basket.

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2. Bus Jump Into a Glass Window

Police Story is one of the most loved movie franchises of Jackie Chan. The most popular stunt of the movie is the bus roof stunt, where Chan’s character jumps from a running bus into a building’s glass window.

3. Brush with Hot Coals

In the popular film The Legend Of Drunken Master, or Drunken Master II, the climax scene takes place in a steel factory. It was full of red-hot furnaces and steel beams. In the scene, the villain pushes Chan into a pit of burning coal. The actor was truly struggling due to the heat of the coal and quickly escaped.

4. Jumping on a Helicopter

In the film First Strike, at the end sequence, Chan was on a snowboard and had to jump off a cliff. He had to land straight into the skids of a helicopter, which was waiting for him in the air. The helicopter had to be at a precise distance, as a little higher or lower could have resulted in a disaster.

5. Skyscraper Slide

In Who Am I, the actor had to slide down a skyscraper. In this stunt, Chan jumped off a landmark building in South Africa. The skyscraper had a steep slope on one side and Chan had to jump off that to escape the villains.

6. Clock Tower Fall

In the 1983 film Project A, there was a scene in which Jackie Chan struggles to hold onto a clock tower’s hands, as he falls down three stories. He fell through two canopies and hit the hard ground. The actor had a broken neck as a result of this stunt.

7. Mall Slide 

In a particular scene from Police Story, the actor jumped down the entire length of a mall, without any safety wires or no padding. There were many factors that posed a serious risk to Chan’s life, including electrocution due to the mall’s power supply. Chan’s hands got minor burns and had a spinal fracture.

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