Sleepy Hollow Gets A Promising Reboot From Paramount

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Paramount is working on a reboot of the classic horror gothic movie Sleepy Hollow with writer and director Lindsey Beer.


Based on Washington Irving’s novel, The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow, the story revolves around a town haunted by the frequent visits of a headless horseman. The popular movie adaptation was directed by Tim Burton in 1999 starring Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane.

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It involved a lot of time-travel mysteries and even a weekly monstrous surprise. Irving took inspiration for the novel from a real Hessian soldier whose head was severed by cannon fire during the Revolutionary War.

A New Take On The Sleepy Hollow Horror Classic

Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman

Now that Paramount is looking at Lindsey Beer to write and direct the reboot, she will also work alongside Todd Garner and Spencer Walken (Broken Road Productions).


There have been many adaptations of the famous gothic novel, including the 1949 Disney animated movie and a Fox TV series in 2013. The 1999 movie was a major success at the box office, and it also became a staple Halloween must-watch during the spooky season. The series also received positive reviews for its contemporary setting. It ran four seasons until it was canceled in 2017.

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The plot for the reboot is still unknown, but it is assumed to receive a higher budget as compared to its last adaptation, which ranged around $70 million. It is also unclear whether Beer would opt for a feature film or a television series.


A Rising Filmmaker

Beer has established herself as a household name in production writing, such as the Star Trek sequel and upcoming Netflix series The Magic Order. Before she delved into directing, Beer became one of the best Hollywood writers.

Lindsey Beer

She rose to popularity for writing the 2018 Netflix teen comedy Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. Since then, Beer started working on various projects both in film and television. Her latest project includes the prequel for Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.


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