Slow Horses: Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, & Saskia Reeves On Returning To Slough House for Season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

Slow Horses: Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, & Saskia Reeves On Returning To Slough House for Season 2
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Remember when you finished the first season of Slow Horses and your world shattered into pieces because, no, six episodes for a show of THIS quality isn’t enough? But then, as soon as the final credits started rolling, we learned that the second season was already filmed with a surprising teaser, meaning that we would only have to wait a few month for the new season? Well, it’s finally that time of the year again! Slow Horses is returning to Apple TV+ today with the first two episodes of an absolutely brilliant second season.


This season is adapted from Mick Herron’s novel “Dead Lions,” and we had the chance to speak with the incredible cast of Slow Horses, Academy Award winner Gary Oldman and the incredibly talented Jack Lowden and Saskia Reeves.

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Back at slough house, Cold War secrets and enemies reappear in a race against the clock as Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) faces his past when a retired spy, Dickie Bowe, is found dead on a bus.

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You can watch the full Slow Horses interviews down below:

Gary Oldman & Saskia Reeves Talk Slow Horses Season 2 | FandomWire Interview

Jack Lowden Talk Slow Horses Season 2 | FandomWire Interview

Slow Horses is probably one of the most realistic espionage stories out there. No shaken, not stirred martinis, fancy suits, and expensive cars. The dress code at slough house is “socks with holes,” and as for the general vibe, it is more like the one of a highly dysfunctional work “family. In this season, the dark humor never fails and combined with some heartbreaking and intense moments, it simply is a recipe for success, and we can only hope for as many seasons as possible.


This time, the characters get a lot more time outside the slough house, and for River Cartwright (Jack Lowden), it is a chance to prove that he is a highly-skilled MI5 agent.


For Jack Lowden, the running/ fighting/ flying scenes aren’t the most difficult parts to shoot. Trying not to laugh, however, is the most complicated aspect of filming (yes, River does bicker with Kenny, the driver, like two kids would). 

It’s the hardest part about shooting this. Particularly when I know, it’s funny. And the Kenny stuff was an absolute joy but it was so difficult not to laugh! (…) It’s fantastic and not the thing you would expect a spy to have to deal with, but probably what they have to deal with.”

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